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About You

Welcome to Soul Art studio! This website is designed to be a sacred space for you to connect with your spirit, unleash your creative genius, clarify your purpose and design your life and business as an expression of your spirit.

Begin your journey by clarifying "What kind of Creative Spirit you are" and "Where you are on the Creative Spiritual Journey" with these free quizes:


Free Quiz: What kind of Creative Spirit are you?Where are you on the Creative Spiritual Journey

Each stage of the Creative Spiritual Journey deepens your spirit and challenges you to step more and more into your purpose. Here are the 8 stages of the Creative Spiritual Journey. Where are you?


Initiations often come in disguise as something difficult, challenging, painful or traumatic.  Initiations are always opportunities to deepen your connection with your spirit.

Connect with your Spirit

This is a time to explore and discover your spirit. As you connect with your spirit you build the foundation for a rich meaningful life.

Express your Creativity

Expressing your creativity unleashes your creative spiritual genius. This is a time to play, develop and nurture your unique creative expression.

Clarify Your Soul's Purpose

When you have a solid connection with your spirit, and your creative energy is flowing, you are ready to clarify your soul's purpose. Your purpose is your unique way of living your spirit on earth.

Create Your Spirit Career

This stage is about transforming your inner wealth into your outer wealth. You will feel the call to put your purpose into action during this stage of the journey.

Connect With Your Spirit Tribe

When it is time to connect with your Spirit Tribe you will be called to reach out beyond yourself and find the people who are here to receive your gifts. This is a time when you begin to shift your identify from being an individual to being part of a greater whole.


Lead With Your Spirit

Spirit leadership is all about cultivating true power. This isn't to be mistaken with power over another, but rather empowerment that starts within and radiates out into the world. This is the time to lead with your spirit.


Live Your Spirit Legend

Living your Spirit Legend is about being the full embodiment of your creative spirit on earth. Every step you take in wholeness is a legendary act. This is when your life becomes your Soul's Art!


There are Soul Art®Journeys designed for each stage of the Creative Spiritual Journey.
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