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A Soul Art® journey


Transform your life & business into a work of art!

8 Module Home-study Course led by Soul Artist Laura Hollick



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Discover Your Iconic Trait

transform your life & business into a work of art


This pivotal call is a preview for 'Create Yourself'.

If you enjoy this call, the 'Create Yourself' journey

is going to blow you away!




Are you ready to 'Create Yourself'?


You are ready to 'Create Yourself' if....


*You deeply want to create a *New You* that expresses who you want to be!


*You are at a major transitional point in your life and you are finally ready to step into the life you are born to live


*You know your purpose is to express your unique creativity in this world


*You want to transform your creative spiritual gifts into your thriving career


*You want to make money living your spirit


*You want your outer reality to reflect the truth of what you know in your inner spiritual reality.






8 Module Course Schedule


Class #1

  • Clarify your spiritual purpose (for good!)
  • Transform your Iconic Trait into your Business Plan
  • Create an internal foundation that is so powerful it will support your grandest dream.

Class #2

  • Map out the structure for your creative spiritual career
  • Create your 'Creative Spiritual Business Plan'
  • Ground your purpose on earth with 2 essential ingredients. No more floating around (you know what I mean spiritual creators!)
  • Create the root system that can solidly support your growth

Class #3

  • Unleash your creative energy and start flowing with focused intensity (this is very different from hap-hazard creative spurts)
  • Discover how your Divine Purpose actually holds the key to your relationship with your Soul Mate (whether you are single or in a relationship!)
  • How to use sexual energy as a tool for heightened creativity.

Class #4

  • End the self-sabatoge, self-doubt cycle and CLAIM your power to thrive as a creative spiritual person
  • Learn the simple 3 step system for clearing any limiting belief whenever it comes up
  • Embody the energy of the *New You* and align with your purpose

Class #5

  • Transform your relationship with money$ and connect your spiritual purpose with wealth
  • Yes! In order to thrive as a creative spiritual person you need to make money$
  • Uncover your hidden money channels

Class #6

  • Tap into your power source to clearly, proudly, boldly and powerfully express your purpose with people
  • Learn how to speak your spirit language in this world so people connect with you and understand you
  • Clear your energy to let the truth of who you are flow through you like a beautiful song. (This will make you cry, it is so beautiful!)
  • To have a career as a creative spiritual person you must be able to express yourself in this world!

Class #7

  • Envision your Legacy from your spirit's perspective
  • Build a spiritual compass to guide you directly to the full realization of your Legacy
  • Claim the Big Vision for your life and lay out the steps for the full realization of your Legacy

Class #8

  • Bring it all together~ Create Yourself
  • Put your Iconic Business Blueprint™ to work



Summary of what you'll get in this Soul Art™ course?


~Clarity on your spiritual purpose

~Transform your Iconic Trait into your Business Plan

~Clear the path to step into your power & purpose

~Discover your hidden money channels

~Embody your purpose

~Envision your Legacy from your Soul's perspective


WOW! This is a journey that will totally transform your LIFE & BUSINESS!




How does it work?


*There are 8 audio classes that you will receive as digital mp3's


*All classes are led by Soul Artist Laura Hollick


*After each class you will be given a creative Soul Art™

project to play with for the week


*You can work at your own pace.


*There are examples of what other people (just like you) have done with each assignment.


*You will be held accountable by your spirit contract to go all the way with this transformational journey (you'll create your spirit contract in the 1st class~powerful!)







What is Soul Art® and what if I'm not an artist?


Soul Art® is about creating your whole life as a a creative expression of your spirit. This means your career, your body, your art, and your relationships all become creative expressions of your spirit.

In the Soul Art® process we use art and creativity as a way to connect with spirit and receive guidance and insights. All the insights are to serve the purpose of creating the life of your dreams.


Your life becomes a work of art when your spirit is embodied in every aspect of your life.


You don't need art experience to thrive in this Soul Art® course.

All you need is the desire to be the fullest expression of yourself.


Here are some examples what others created during their

Create Yourself journey...



Soul Art® is the art of living your spirit and expressing yourself fully.




Hear what other's are saying after just 1 class!


Tamara Gold

Tamara is clear after just one class!


"Loved, loved, loved the call tonight. I can't believe how clear I got. Wow! You are brilliant. "


- Tamara Gold,




Jennifer Hart

Jennifer's spirit is so happy!


"Our first class was so powerful! I am so grateful to be part of it and my spirit is so happy."


- Jennifer Hart



What others are saying about their Soul Art®





Feather Williams with her Soul Art

Feather moved through major fears and is now building her dreams!


"My work with Laura at Soul Art studio was wonderful and a major component in a very large shift in my life. I have been able to move through my fears into building my dreams in the face of what seemed insurmountable odds at the time.

I have now moved through some major personal fears that were immobilizing me, keeping me from seeing the possibilities.

Other unforseen opportunities have opened up to me as well that will support me on my path. My mind is overflowing with ideas and trust to my connection with my soul/spirit's guidance. Thank you Laura for your gifts!"


- Feather Williams



Leslie Brenan

Leslie is now exhibiting her art!


"During this class I gathered the courage to approach a busy cafe with my art, and asked them to hang it, and they said YES!  I know this one yes will lead to many more.


I came into the class thinking I knew exactly where I was going, but you lead me much deeper into my connection with my spirit, and the clarity I received about what was truly in my heart was astounding.  The pathway is before me now, and I have lots of tools to keep the connection strong on my journey. Thanks so much for your brilliant guidance in Create Yourself."


-Leslie Brenan



Jacqueline Gignac

Jacqueline totally shifted her perspective!


"I am still basking in the glow of all the joy we created together.

Thank you so much for your beautiful energy and the way you faciliated my process. I booked a Soul Art session because I was ready to embody the artist within and needed help.

The Soul Art Process totally shifted my perspective on living from my spirit.

I now have valuable tools that I have been using every day to remind me who I am and what joy feels like. I feel open and confident that 2010 will be my Ode to Joy. Many thanks."


- Jacqueline Gignac




paula perri


Paula is now recording her 1st CD!


"I booked a Soul Art session because I was watching my creative fire go out before my eyes and I wanted it to burn like it did before: I wanted to feel sure in my connectivity to my creative person.

As a result of the session I experienced a transformation in how I see myself.

I have become more self aware and more focused on my spirit in my everyday. As a result, many positive opportunities have come my way and I am sharing my gifts much more regularily and will be recording my own CD through a grant that I was awarded. Life is good when your spirit leads the way."


-Paula Perri







Create Yourself

A Soul Art® journey


8 Module Home-Study Course



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From my creative heart to yours,



p.s. Your spiritual purpose is to create yourself as the full embodied expression of your spirit!


About Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick is an award winning artist and shaman. She is the creator of Soul Art®, an innovative creative process designed to activate your soul's purpose on Earth.


BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura's art and life called 'The Artist's Life-Laura Hollick'. She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called 'The Artist's Lifestyle'.


Laura was nominated for 'Woman of Distinction in the Arts' for her Soul Art® work. Her Visionary Art has inspired audiences around the world.


2011 marks the launch of Soul Art TV's Creative Spiritual Revolution, and the beginning of the Soul Art® Certification program.

the art of living your spirit


All content ©2011 Laura Hollick. Photos by Kevin Thom.