Laura Hollick's Creativity Cleanse


These galleries showcase the creative journey of soul artist Laura Hollick. She creates art as a way of connecting with spirit and decoding the mysterious world of soul.


heartland gallery

The Land of the Imaginative Heart

There is a New Paradigm birthing on our planet. It is calling for greater creativity, imagination, feminine energy and deep heartfelt expression. The Land of the Imaginative Heart is such a place. Experience Laura Hollick's exploration into the New Paradigm.


inner world gallery

The Mythology of the Inner World

The Mythology of the Inner World reflect Laura Hollick's personal quest to discover who she is and why she is here from a soul perspective. This is a universal journey that all of us embark on eventually. Experience the exotic Inner World of this soul artist and ignite your own journey.


masterpiece gallery

Costumes & Characters of the Inner World

Experience the lavish costumes of Laura Hollick's Inner World characters. Each character communicates its story through its adorment.


sketches and drawings gallery

Creature Sketches of the Inner World

Visions come in flashes and bursts. Sketches are the quickest way to record what is seen in the imagination. Laura Hollick sketches daily and has an entire room filled with drawings, notes, journals and ideas in process. This is a small selection of the creature sketches from the Inner World.


bodymapping gallery

Body Mapping

Body Mapping is a creative process developed by soul artist Laura Hollick. Initially she used it as a tool to discover and understand her own Inner World, then quickly realized that the Body Mapping process could be used with others to decode their soul language and body wisdom.


masterpiece gallery

Masterpiece Series

Throughout history there are certain works of art that have become iconic and legendary because they capture the consciousness of a time with such percision and potency. These are known as Masterpieces. In this series, Laura Hollick collaborated with photographer Kevin Thom to recreate old Masterpieces in new and creative ways to pay homage to these works of art and the artists who created them, while also exploring what relevance they hold today.