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nü Icon Sound Healing

July 25th, 2014

Not too many people know this, but I actually had a very full life as a musician in my teens, traveling around the world performing with world renowned musicians at International Events like the World Series, before focusing all my energy on the visual arts.

When I left music at 18 I was scared of it.  Through my 20′s I rarely even listened to music. About 5 years ago I started my journey back into the arms of music by beginning weekly private voice lessons. Even my voice teacher will say it took me over a year just to feel comfortable opening my mouth.  There was definitely some deep healing to do with sound.

This year I wanted to nudge into this a little deeper and challenge myself to include sound in this year’s nü Icon Movie creation. Last year we had the luxury of recording Ariel White’s beautiful voice for our theme music. This year, I wanted to be part of the process in some way.

So we included a group recording session during our recent nü Icon Movie Intensive.


Our Rainbow Tribe of nü Icons including Summer McStravick, Alia Melissa Hall, Liz DiAlto, Laura Hames Franklin, Jess Johnson, Ariel White, Jody England, Cora Flora and myself flowed into the vibration of our own unique sound.

There was definitely some divine orchestration happening as we each discovered music and sound vibration to be a strong component of our own Iconic Essence.



Jess Johnson’s unique voice offered strong musical leadership. She became the Heart of the Dragon leading our rhythmic tunes.



Ariel White is a pure channel for sound. It was her beautiful voice that was featured in last years nü Icon theme music. She has been a huge source of inspiration for me personally to reclaim my voice.



Cora Flora’s liquid love sounds ooze with brilliance. It is a true honor to include her radiance in the musical recordings for this year’s nü Icon Movie.



All the nü Icons added their unique magic to the mix.  Music is one of those art forms that touches on a deep vibrational level.

I’m not sure how the recordings will turn out, but I know that as an artist there is always an edge to dance on. There is always the next level to stretch into. Music is my edge at the moment. I sense you’ll be hearing more of my voice in the years to come. I’m still a bit shy about it.

Since the visual arts are so easy for me it is humbling to nudge into sound again because I feel all the vulnerabilities that come with tapping into your true soul’s expression. Art in any form is a divine love affair that requires the deepest level of trust. To be able to share the intimate crevices of your being is nothing short of magic.

I look forward to sharing what we created in the upcoming nü Icon Movie. To be released in the Fall of 2014!

It is our Intention to guide and inspire thousands of people to connect with their Iconic Essence and open the door to the next level of their expression.

Share the magic!



nü Icon Movie Intensive Behind the Scenes

July 20th, 2014

Rainbow Tribe Connection!


8 nü Icons joined me in my studio July 11-14th for a Movie Intensive. Each nü Icon explored their Iconic Essence in their color vibration as we worked/played on creating more segments of the upcoming nü Icon Movie. Here’s our incredible rainbow of nü Icons:

PinkSummer McStravick

Red- Alia Hall

Orange - Liz DiAlto

YellowLaura Hames Franklin

GreenJess Johnson

TurquoiseAriel White

Indigo BlueJody England

PurpleCora Flora

I wore white throughout this Intensive and explored its energy as a space creator.

The dragon has been a guiding force for this whole project, so it felt especially magical to find this dragon while filming on location in the forest.


When starting any nü project I always tune in to see if there is any special symbol, animal, spirit guide or mythical creature that wants to be part of the creation. This year the Dragon came forward in so many ways with a strong wind of magic snapping on its tail.



It is one of my deepest pleasures to guide creative spiritual journeys. I feel like I enter the zone of bliss, love and magic!



All of the nü Icons opened effortlessly to their own unique expression and played with all the creative processes as if in a trance.



The creative process has waves of deep silence along with pulses of wildness. We rode it all.



Part of the creative process included making Portals that would become the skeleton of a dragon. A Portal is a type of Dream-catcher that opens a sacred gateway for the next level of expression. Each nü Icon built a Portal to open a door to the next level of their Iconic Essence expression.



At moments I just watched in awe. I am a true believer that we are all creative and have the capacity to activate magic, we just need the sacred space and the belief.

My Intention with the upcoming nü Icon Movie is to guide and inspire thousands of people around the world to connect with their Iconic Essence through this movie experience.



My studio absolutely loves holding space for sacred gatherings. It seems to dance with delight as people gather for a deliberate purpose of circulating love through creative inspiration.



We also experienced healing sessions by Laura Hames Franklin throughout the creative process. It was the perfect compliment to all the intensity of creation.



Ariel White, Turquoise, and I on the magic Star-ship discussing some very important galactic ideas!



Ariel, Turquoise, grounding her beauty as we venture out on location to film outdoors. Nature is such an important part to all the work I do. I feel the true nature of everyone’s Iconic Essence connects with nature in some way. At the root of who we are, we are Nature.



Cora Flora, Purple, taking a moment to nourish on the abundance of the moment.



Friendships ripen through soul recognition. When we see each other through the eyes of our Iconic Essence there is instant connection.
Here’s Laura Hames Franklin, Yellow, and Summer McStravick, Pink, enjoying a soul connection moment.



Nature nourishing the nü Icons, returning them to the knowingness of their essence!



Kevin Thom and I on location.  Kevin is the photographer, videographer behind all the visions I conjure up, including these behind the scenes shots. We’ve created so many projects together, we are truly creative soulmates!

We took a moment to acknowledge each other and our special bond and celebrate the creation of this nü Icon project.



We linked all our individual portals together to create a Rainbow Dragon.


Building a Rainbow Dragon on location is an adventure!



Oh my gosh, we had no idea how it looked as we ran through the tall grasses, but we were a unified Rainbow Dragon on a mission! We sang, laughed and sweat a LOT. We were also happy to take it all off and feel the warm breeze blowing up the hill.  I think we’re all eager to see the movie to know how that turned out!



Back in the studio I interviewed each nü Icon about their journey to discover their Iconic Essence and how it connects with their lifestyle and entrepreneurial career path.

I had many flashbacks to my radio years where I interviewed thousands of creative, spiritual thinkers from around the world. I love interviewing creative people because I’m genuinely curious about them and their unique journey. I also love excavating the gems that shape a persons brilliance.



We truly created magic!  Our nü Icon Movie Intensive opened my eyes and heart to the next level of what is possible in collaborative co-creation.

The nü Icon Movie is an innovative, interactive movie experience that guides you on a Vision Quest to connect with your own Iconic Essence.

Keep watch for the nü Icon Movie to be released in the Fall of 2014! 

Share the magic! We want to inspire thousands of people to connect with their Iconic Essence!

nü Icon Intensive

July 6th, 2014

7 of the nü Icons from my year-long nü Icon program joined me in Canada for an Intensive, June 26-27th. We worked on their Iconic life and career and filmed an episode of nü Icon: The Movie, to be released in the Fall.

Here is a glimpse into our nü Icon Intensive experience and movie making magic….


There was an application process to fill 7 spots to represent each color in the rainbow. Here’s our International Rainbow Tribe:

Pink: Joan Marie from USA

Red: Fleur van Til from Ecuador

Orange: Jill Soenen from Ontario, Canada

Yellow: Yoshi Arima from British Columbia, Canada

Green: Ute Lambrecht from New Zealand

Blue: Sunne Bernt from Australia

Purple: Christina Szegedi from Switzerland


Creating your Iconic life and career takes some serious focus!



We laughed so much! There was so much joy in connection and conversation throughout the whole Intensive.



A bounty of love and inspiration flowing in every direction.



Dancing, shaking it up, stirring it up, activating embodied abundance on all levels!



“Connecting with your soul tribe feels like being held and carried by the winds of love”.

-Fleur van Til, Red (and pregnant!) from Ecuador.



“I had vowed to stop all classes and workshops!! Then Laura’s MAGIC appeared!!!! True life-changing shifts have occurred!! THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU, LAURA, your powerful magnetism to gather inspired, like-minded souls together, is the most exhilarating experience life has to offer….and Laura’s profound intuitive skills open huge doors during group and private work! THEN…all of THIS is personified by waterfalls and trees shifting your very foundation. It is truly challenging to find the words which capture the transformations from this lush adventure. “

-Joan Marie, Pink, from USA.



“What I have learned from this journey, among many other things is, the power and the potential of a community of like minded people who resonate on a deep soul level with each other. The bonds that form between like-minded, heart centered, creative soul-seekers can create massive shifts, transformation and growth in our life.”

-Christina Szegedi, Purple, from Switzerland.



“I love experiencing a new perspective – it shakes us up a bit, provides us with new insights and possibilities we could not see before. At the Intensive I felt surrounded by my beautiful and heart-centered Tribe. Together, we explored topics in a way that took us out of our ego mind; we experienced how to connect with our inner guidance, how to access our intuitive creativity – and it felt so invigorating, so good, so generous! My new perspective has been broadened by experiencing first-hand how we can live in our true Essence in this World. Thank you so much Laura for this amazing transformational experience.”

-Ute Lambrecht, Green, from New Zealand.



“I could have read a thousand books, watched a thousand videos about life shifts and it would not match the level of transformation I felt from EXPERIENCING this nü icon intensive. Those magical moments of meeting up in person and connecting, conversing, eating, laughing, working out, crying, hugging, with you all sent me through a portal into BEING. I paused every once in a while and took in the moments; sitting in the Soul Art Studio, doing all the filming work outside, holding the anticipation before I met each one of you in person… My mind had to catch up to the experience MY HEART HAD PULLED ME TO. This work is life changing and life shifting, and the core radiant component of it all… is LOVE. I love you all for following your heart and walking the path to revealing to the world, more and more of the SPIRIT YOU ARE.  I miss you all so much but you are all a part of my heart forever.
What we shared was poetic, timeless existence.

-Yoshi Arima, Yellow, from British Columbia.



“The energy created by each beautiful person who was present during the Intensive held space and support for the the effortless flow and expression of who we truly are. An Absolutely magical and enchanting experience!”

-Jill Soenen, Orange, from Ontario, Canada.



So many creative rituals to deepen the experience both in the studio and out in nature.



Fleur van Til, Red, discovered this magnificent creature while out in the forest.



Our Soul Family sharing amazing food and super charged water together, feeling deeply nourished by the whole experience.



We played a game were we let our cell phone cameras explore the studio to find interesting images. I discovered the studio loves being photographed and seen through nü eyes. Maybe you’ll see some of the cell-phone camera snapshots from all the nü Icons on social media.



Sunne Bernt, Blue, warming up her yoga moves for filming at the waterfall.

“This Intensive gave me and everybody else who attended a platform which we stepped onto that supported us to shift our reality into the nu paradigm of living from our iconic essence. This experience has settled into the cells of my body and heart which gives me the ability to move forward knowing from the core of my being that this is possible.

-Sunne Bernt



Our nü Icon Rainbow Tribe dancing at the waterfall.  You’ll see more of the incredible visuals we created in nü Icon: The Movie coming out in the Fall. During this Intensive we filmed one of the episodes of the movie.



This incredible drawing was created by Christina Szegedi, Purple. She captured the magic of the experience and the uniqueness expressed through each person.

It truly was an incredible experience. One the highlights of  my year for sure!

Stay tuned for nü Icon: The Movie coming out this Fall!



Behind the scenes photos by Sunny Kaura & Kevin Thom.

My Shamanic Snake Initiation

June 21st, 2014



Dreaming in a field of daisies with an Albino Burmese Python.

You probably wouldn’t guess, by my peaceful demeanor in this image, but I had a near fatal experience with a snake years ago in the Columbian Jungle. It acted as one of my most intense Shamanic Initiations!

I share the full story of my Shamanic Snake Initiation in this audio. Listen here.

I recorded this Snake Story audio for the Soul Art Certification early bird day, which was June 18th. Even though that day has passed I thought you would enjoy hearing the story to activate your own Shamanic Initiation.

I’ve come to love working with snake energy on my path as a Soul Artist and a Soul Art Guide. Snakes have such powerful energy for shedding the old and activating new creative power.


In the Soul Art Certification program you discover the unique energies that support you to realize your fullest expression. Whether you need to shed the skins of what no longer resonates, or activate your creative courage to step into your dreams.

The Soul Art Certification will empower you to become the artist and inspirational guide you’re born to be.  It will transform your life from the inside out!

Level 1 Bodymapping starts on June 27th.  Join us and activate your most amazing creative spiritual adventure ever!

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Crystal Skulls and Rainbow Canoe

April 26th, 2014

Art is a journey into the forgotten realms of the known Self.

My studio is my sacred space to explore and express this sacred journey.  In my studio anything goes, including riding a magic canoe through the kitchen!


I recently acquired a canoe to be used as a journey vessel for some upcoming creative projects.

I’m having an absolute blast playing with this canoe and letting  my crystal skulls navigate the ship.

Check out a behind the scenes video (taken with my cell phone camera) and
meet the 3 Crystal Skulls that have been helping me….

Let’s take a magical creative journey together….

Watch for a special Soul Art Day invitation on May 1st!

Laura Hollick’s You Are The Art TEDx Talk

April 6th, 2014

On March 2nd, 2014 I led a TEDx talk called: You are the Art.

In this talk I share my beliefs and stories about the role the artist plays in our changing world, and how we are all called to be creators at this pivotal time in history.

There are a few sound hiccups in the audio. It’s all art, creating itself!



If this inspires you, share with your friends. Your sharing activates creation!

Get ready for International Soul Art Day

March 16th, 2014

A bit of chaos is part of my creative process. I am completely at peace with that.

I love making a mess in my studio while working on nü projects. Right now it looks like a rainbow exploded in my studio as I’ve stirred up a vortex of energy for the Soul Art Movie production and preparation for International Soul Art Day.

Check out my behind the scenes studio chaos as I get ready for International Soul Art Day…

[vimeo 89122669 w=600&h=338]


International Soul Art Day is a sacred day to connect and create with Soul Artists from around the World!


Be sure to mark your calendar for May 14th!

Being Living Art

March 1st, 2014

In celebration of my TEDx talk called You are the Art  I was featured on the Cover of View Magazine this week.

Feels like coming full circle. I used to write an art column for View Magazine when I was starting my career and finding my voice as an artist. Now, I’m able to share the insights I’ve gathered from my journey while continuing to evolve my expression.


When creating the cover image I wanted to make a costume that expressed the concept of being art. So I gathered  some art supplies including my old pencil crayons, wool, pencils and powdered paint pigment to create this image.  The final image was able to fully come into reality with the brilliant eye of photographer Kevin Thom and the unique artistry of make-up artist Sue Upton.

While making the cover image we filmed a behind the scenes video to capture the creative process.

Watch the making of the cover and see me transform into living art…

[vimeo 87728047 w=600&h=338]


Do you want to create your life as art?
To create yourself as art you need to understand what kind of creative spirit you are.

To guide and inspire you to connect with your own unique creative spirit, I created a free quiz called: What kind of Creative Spirit Are you?

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Discover what kind of creative spirit you are!

Aloha Inspiration

February 2nd, 2014


The sweet breeze of Hawaii has nourished my soul on such a deep level. I wanted to share some picture highlights from my recent trip to The Big Island of Hawaii and share the magic with you.


Going to Hawaii felt like walking up the arm of Mother Nature and passing through a portal into her heart.


I traveled through the epic landscapes of Hawaii with Kevin Thom for 10 days. This is the gorgeous view from one of our hotel windows. We actually had to close the window at night because the surf was so loud! But, I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and open the window and door to feel the gushing water sounds vibrating through my being.


One of my life long dreams has been to see and connect with Humpback Whales. If I had an animal totem, the Humpback Whale would be it! Their majestic magnificence inspires my soul.

We hired Home Heart Hawaii to arrange a private boat to take us out Whale Watching and Wild Dolphin swimming.


My heart swelled with love as we saw a Mother and Baby Humpback Whale gliding along the ocean surface. Every time they would blow water from their spout a rainbow would mist the air above their body. It was pure magic!


Kevin and I in total awe of the whole experience!


Of course while we were out in the ocean we had to swim with the Wild Dolphins!

All these photos including the underwater photos were taken by Kevin Thom.


I was a little intimidated to swim way out in the ocean at first. But with the loving support of our guides from Home Heart Hawaii and the presence of the dolphins and whales I relaxed almost instantly and am forever changed by the experience of being part of nature in such a profound way!


Even though I’ve been to Hawaii a number of times, I had never explored the island the way I did during this trip.


We rented a jeep to travel around on some of the rougher roads in Hawaii. We named our jeep Goldie. She had her own personality and kept us entertained during the trip. Surprisingly part of Hawaii includes rough Prairie like grasslands and it is HOT!


I chose to stay in the jeep during the super HOT areas. It felt like traveling through another planet with a Mars-like surface and blazing heat!


We traveled to a volcano and met the Goddess Pele as we walked across her steaming skin.


I found myself looking for spots to just sit and take it all in.


I had a giggle when I heard there was a waterfall called Rainbow Falls. Of course, we had to check that out. I saw many rainbows while I was Hawaii and felt blessed by the beauty of the land.


Kevin and I experienced so much magic in Hawaii. Our hearts opened and expanded in nü ways!


I spent most of my time off the grid, other than checking in on my nü Icon group and Soul Art Certification group every few days. I really wanted to sink into the pulse of Nature and feel her penetrate my bones with her ancient wisdom.


After much nature communing I felt inspired to do a number of artistic photoshoots. Here is one of the inspired images from the trip. I’ll be releasing more soon!


As a very prolific artist I affirmed my knowing of what allows true creativity to flow with power, ease and unique artistry.  I experienced my own unique Creativity Cleanse while I was there and feel refreshed, renewed and on-fire with inspiration!

Creativity requires the deepening into our true nature so we can hear the pulse and rhythm of our naturalness guiding our impulses. I share the full creative cycle in my 11-Day Creativity Cleanse and guide you to discover your own unique rhythm that opens your creative genius.  If you’re feeling the call to take a creative adventure into your artistic expression, start today with my 11-Day Creativity Cleanse.


True Creativity works in harmony with nature. Learn how to tune into your  naturalness and map your way to your unique artistic expression. Start your own 11-Day Creativity Cleanse today!



The key to creativity

January 16th, 2014

I am currently in Hawaii connecting with the Humpback Whales and remembering the true key to creativity.

As a creative spiritual entrepreneur everything is so interconnected that it can sometimes seem unclear where work ends and play begins. Especially when your work is your play!

However, over time I have learned the importance of balancing being and doing. That’s one hint about the key to creativity….but you’ll have to watch my video to get the whole picture.

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

I created this video on an earlier trip along the Pacific Coast, and once again I’ve been swept away by the sweet breeze and carried directly to the core of my creative spirit.

Want to discover and unleash your creative genius?

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