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Laura Hollick’s You Are The Art TEDx Talk

April 6th, 2014

On March 2nd, 2014 I led a TEDx talk called: You are the Art.

In this talk I share my beliefs and stories about the role the artist plays in our changing world, and how we are all called to be creators at this pivotal time in history.

There are a few sound hiccups in the audio. It’s all art, creating itself!


If this inspires you, share with your friends. Your sharing activates creation!

Get ready for International Soul Art Day

March 16th, 2014

A bit of chaos is part of my creative process. I am completely at peace with that.

I love making a mess in my studio while working on nü projects. Right now it looks like a rainbow exploded in my studio as I’ve stirred up a vortex of energy for the Soul Art Movie production and preparation for International Soul Art Day.

Check out my behind the scenes studio chaos as I get ready for International Soul Art Day…


International Soul Art Day is a sacred day to connect and create with Soul Artists from around the World!


Be sure to mark your calendar for May 14th!

Being Living Art

March 1st, 2014

In celebration of my TEDx talk called You are the Art  I was featured on the Cover of View Magazine this week.

Feels like coming full circle. I used to write an art column for View Magazine when I was starting my career and finding my voice as an artist. Now, I’m able to share the insights I’ve gathered from my journey while continuing to evolve my expression.


When creating the cover image I wanted to make a costume that expressed the concept of being art. So I gathered  some art supplies including my old pencil crayons, wool, pencils and powdered paint pigment to create this image.  The final image was able to fully come into reality with the brilliant eye of photographer Kevin Thom and the unique artistry of make-up artist Sue Upton.

While making the cover image we filmed a behind the scenes video to capture the creative process.

Watch the making of the cover and see me transform into living art…


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Aloha Inspiration

February 2nd, 2014


The sweet breeze of Hawaii has nourished my soul on such a deep level. I wanted to share some picture highlights from my recent trip to The Big Island of Hawaii and share the magic with you.


Going to Hawaii felt like walking up the arm of Mother Nature and passing through a portal into her heart.


I traveled through the epic landscapes of Hawaii with Kevin Thom for 10 days. This is the gorgeous view from one of our hotel windows. We actually had to close the window at night because the surf was so loud! But, I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and open the window and door to feel the gushing water sounds vibrating through my being.


One of my life long dreams has been to see and connect with Humpback Whales. If I had an animal totem, the Humpback Whale would be it! Their majestic magnificence inspires my soul.

We hired Home Heart Hawaii to arrange a private boat to take us out Whale Watching and Wild Dolphin swimming.


My heart swelled with love as we saw a Mother and Baby Humpback Whale gliding along the ocean surface. Every time they would blow water from their spout a rainbow would mist the air above their body. It was pure magic!


Kevin and I in total awe of the whole experience!


Of course while we were out in the ocean we had to swim with the Wild Dolphins!

All these photos including the underwater photos were taken by Kevin Thom.


I was a little intimidated to swim way out in the ocean at first. But with the loving support of our guides from Home Heart Hawaii and the presence of the dolphins and whales I relaxed almost instantly and am forever changed by the experience of being part of nature in such a profound way!


Even though I’ve been to Hawaii a number of times, I had never explored the island the way I did during this trip.


We rented a jeep to travel around on some of the rougher roads in Hawaii. We named our jeep Goldie. She had her own personality and kept us entertained during the trip. Surprisingly part of Hawaii includes rough Prairie like grasslands and it is HOT!


I chose to stay in the jeep during the super HOT areas. It felt like traveling through another planet with a Mars-like surface and blazing heat!


We traveled to a volcano and met the Goddess Pele as we walked across her steaming skin.


I found myself looking for spots to just sit and take it all in.


I had a giggle when I heard there was a waterfall called Rainbow Falls. Of course, we had to check that out. I saw many rainbows while I was Hawaii and felt blessed by the beauty of the land.


Kevin and I experienced so much magic in Hawaii. Our hearts opened and expanded in nü ways!


I spent most of my time off the grid, other than checking in on my nü Icon group and Soul Art Certification group every few days. I really wanted to sink into the pulse of Nature and feel her penetrate my bones with her ancient wisdom.


After much nature communing I felt inspired to do a number of artistic photoshoots. Here is one of the inspired images from the trip. I’ll be releasing more soon!


As a very prolific artist I affirmed my knowing of what allows true creativity to flow with power, ease and unique artistry.  I experienced my own unique Creativity Cleanse while I was there and feel refreshed, renewed and on-fire with inspiration!

Creativity requires the deepening into our true nature so we can hear the pulse and rhythm of our naturalness guiding our impulses. I share the full creative cycle in my 11-Day Creativity Cleanse and guide you to discover your own unique rhythm that opens your creative genius.  If you’re feeling the call to take a creative adventure into your artistic expression, start today with my 11-Day Creativity Cleanse.


True Creativity works in harmony with nature. Learn how to tune into your  naturalness and map your way to your unique artistic expression. Start your own 11-Day Creativity Cleanse today!



The key to creativity

January 16th, 2014

I am currently in Hawaii connecting with the Humpback Whales and remembering the true key to creativity.

As a creative spiritual entrepreneur everything is so interconnected that it can sometimes seem unclear where work ends and play begins. Especially when your work is your play!

However, over time I have learned the importance of balancing being and doing. That’s one hint about the key to creativity….but you’ll have to watch my video to get the whole picture.

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I created this video on an earlier trip along the Pacific Coast, and once again I’ve been swept away by the sweet breeze and carried directly to the core of my creative spirit.

Want to discover and unleash your creative genius?

Start my 11-Day Creativity Cleanse today and experience your life and career come into balance with the bliss of being a fully awakened creative spirit!



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My Top 10 Highlights and Lowlights of 2013

December 29th, 2013

2013 has been an incredible year, filled with wild creativity, epic adventures, superstar encounters, deep nourishing love and bliss in my body!

With any wholistic journey the bliss comes with some hiccups too.  There have been some epic highs and some sad lows. I’d like to share my highlights and lowlights with you to inspire you and give you the whole truth.

My Top 10 Highlights of 2013

1. Creating nü Icon: The Movie


nü Icon: The Movie was an innovative movie experience where the audience was guided through a vision quest to discover their Iconic Essence.

I had been playing with the idea of guiding a Global Vision Quest for years and I wanted to take it to another level.  The movie was an experiment in creativity, content delivery and ultimately creating marketing and business as art.  Creating the movie felt the same as when I create any other type of art, it took me on a wild journey into places I never imagined and taught me about love, beauty, spiritual depth and the magic that happens when you allow yourself to be a channel for inspiration!

It was especially magical to include 7 powerful, iconic women in the creative process and highlight their Iconic Essence. nü Icons featured in the movie: Jena La Flamme, Deborah Skye King, Ariel White, Christina Morassi, Renee Airya, Ali Shanti and Rose Cole.

Working with Kevin Thom as the photographer and editor of the movie was also deeply rewarding and elevated both of us to nü heights!


2. nü Icon Contest


Part of the nü Icon movie experience included a contest where people were invited to create something that expressed their Iconic Essence for a chance to win a scholarship for the 2014 nü Icon program.

I was blown away by the potent power of this nü Icon Contest!  People around the world created stunning art, photos, poetry and videos to express their Iconic Essence. All the entries were posted on our nü Icon movie facebook group and created such lively engagement, you could feel the energy pulsating!

Marija Milicevic won the nü Icon Contest and will be beginning her year of mentorship in the 2014 nü Icon program. Congratulations Marija!


3. Screening nü Icon: The Movie in Hollywood


It was such an honor to screen part of nü Icon: The Movie at Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth Live Event in Hollywood.

Christina is a dear friend who I love and respect. Both of us have been growing our businesses at the same time and it was so inspiring to see the wild success she has built with her Ecstatic Wealth Brand and to be included in her ‘Ecstatic Wealth Live Event’ by sharing my own success.  It was also fun to reunite with  five of the nü Icons featured in the film, by calling them on stage with their rainbow colors!

I created a special dress for the event, made of hundreds of white feathers. Wherever I walked I left a trail of feathers!


4. Masterminding with Richard Branson on Necker Island


What a surreal opportunity to travel to Necker Island and participate in Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite Mastermind.

Richard Branson is a billionaire entrepreneur who has revolutionized the concept of being a personal brand. He creates his whole life and business as an epic adventure filled with fun.  Experiencing his island home along with the other brilliant entrepreneurs that were present has forever shifted me.

I traveled there with a group of Goddess Women led by Renee Airya. The whole experience was amazing on every level!


5. Lifestyle Up-Level


I’ve been shifting my lifestyle and eating habits dramatically over the past few years. I became a Certified Raw Chef and have shifted my diet to 80% raw. This year I felt a huge up-level in my energy as a result of having my morning green juice along with an infrared sauna and a 1-2 hour hike in the forest! I feel so nourished as I indulge in all my exquisite self care practices.

Another big up-level for me was finally realizing a long-standing desire to do a 3-day Juice Cleanse and a full month of eating strictly greens!  It was intense, but richly rewarding!


6. Business Heroine Magazine Cover


Being featured on the cover of Business Heroine Magazine made my heart glow with pride. After such a journey to create my own business success I feel blessed to be part of a movement of creative spiritual people who are claiming their power to make money and thrive on all levels!


7. International Soul Art Day


Thousands of people around the world joined us on International Soul Art Day to create Soul Art for the day. Joining me live in my studio: Charu Morgan, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Lisa Sonora Beam, Charlotte Lascelles and Laura Hames Franklin.

I believe art has the power to heal, inspire and birth nü worlds! It was amazing to discover so many others love art as much as I do!


8. Soul Art Supernova!


I’ve always been a prolific artist with an endless flow of creative ideas, inspiration and the ability to birth ideas into reality. But this year was out-of-this-world in terms of creativity and divine inspiration. It felt like a Soul Art Supernova!

One of the creations I’m most excited about is the birth of the Soul Art Certification Master Shaman Level. This is the culmination of over a decade of creative process, journeys and art. Expressing and teaching how to be a Soul Art Shaman ignites my spirit!


9. Deepening my relationship with Kevin


Kevin Thom and I have been partners for 5 years. We are creative soul mates for sure!

We are partners both personally and professionally. Kevin is the genius photographer who helps me realize my visions.  He is also the grounding force that reminds me that love is the most important thing, no matter what! I always feel unconditionally loved in his magnificent presence, what a blessing!

This is a photo from our 2013 Mexico trip.  I’m so excited about everything we have shared already and all the adventures that await us. We’re starting 2014 with a trip to Hawaii, leaving in just a few weeks!


10. Diving in!


2013 was the year I dove in! Literally, I feel like I plunged into my dreams with my whole heart. I gave this year everything I’ve got and more. I have been blown away by the magic that splashed around me as I surrendered to my path.

This photo is from my trip to Mexico where I surprised myself by being the first person to raise my hand saying “Yes, I’ll jump into the cave water!”.  My internal thoughts: “Yes, I’ll be the first to stand up in front of everyone in my bikini and jump into the dark water that I have no idea what temperature it is or what’s on the bottom, but I’ll do it and everyone can watch and decide if they want to do it too!”


Ahhh……2013 has been incredible!

But to be completely honest, I must give you the balanced perspective of this epic year and share some lowlights too.


My Top 10 Lowlights of 2013

1. Ending a contract with a private client. I was deeply saddened to end this relationship as it felt like a break-up.  When I enter working relationships I give it  my whole-heart and when something doesn’t go its full intended run it feels like a miscarriage. It was a lowlight to experience the sudden end of this contract.

2. Making the decision to no longer work privately with clients. Although this was an incredibly empowering decision, that came from the realization that I want to focus more energy on creating big projects for big audiences rather than working one-on-one, it was hard to let this go. I felt like I was disappointing people and risking the loss of their connection.

3. Worrying too much.  We have a joke on my team about how I like to reinvent the wheel. As much fun as it is to create nü innovative projects and birth art, I find I stress and worry about it working out. I wonder how it will all come together and what I need to do to make things happen.

4. Judging myself harshly. I am my own worst critic, anyone who works with me knows this. I have justified this by saying I want things to be great, which is true, but I am realizing the damage this does to my spirit. It hurts my heart when I’m so critical of myself. It was a lowlight to feel the pain in my heart of my own criticism.

5. Complaining.  I do believe complaining has its place to help us clarify what we like and what we don’t like. I also know within myself when I’ve crossed the line of clarity and when I am stuck in the mud of complaining. It was a lowlight to witness myself complain more than I’d like to.

6. Holding a grudge. As much as I’ve tried I still hold a grudge about something that happened in my past. I keep thinking I’m over it but then it pops up again. It was a lowlight to watch myself spin in the grips of this grudge yet again!

7. Being late. I typically pride myself on being very professional, organized and on-time. A lowlight this year was not being able to live up to my own standards. I was late with a number of emails and meetings.

8. Letting Twitter go. With so many different social media tools and tactics I was starting to feel overwhelmed by it all. I realized I didn’t really enjoy twitter and so I let it go. This was a powerful decision for me as it freed me up, but the lowlight was wondering if I’d made a mistake by letting go of something that has the potential to reach more people.

9. Wasting.  I wasted way too much energy on worrying. Our energy is such a precious resource, it was a lowlight to enable myself to waste so much.

10. The death of my cat Aslan. This was my deepest sadness and lowlight of 2013. Aslan was my best friend for close to 20 years.  He journeyed with me through all the highs and lows of my business creation. I still cry when I think about his powerful, wise presence and his unconditional love. I’m so grateful I can visit his grave during my daily hikes. He was the most precious gift and it breaks my heart that I can no longer pet him.



All in all it has been a fantastic year, the highs and the lows, the light and the dark, I love it all!

Thank you for being part of this incredible year!



I’m over-the-moon excited to begin 2014 with the nü Icon program and make this year even more powerful, creative, soul-nourishing and rich with love!


Join me in 2014 and let’s make it our best year ever together!
The 2014 nü Icon year-long program officially begins on January 1st.

Claim your Iconic Spot today!


Hollywood Hike

October 20th, 2013

I was in Hollywood this past week presenting nü Icon: The Movie at Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth Event. It was an absolutely stellar event with bursting moments of ecstasy!

In the land of celebrity, fame and star power it was an exceptional place to guide a Vision Quest. It was as if a portal had opened up between the real world and the imagined world and we could create the life of our dreams.


Christina Morassi created such a sacred space with her Star Power Activating Genius.  I felt so honored to be part of her stellar event and witness her incredible ability to light up a stage like a Rockstar and lead with effortless power.


5 of the nü Icons featured in the movie joined me on stage, in rainbow order, Jena LaFlamme, Ariel White, Christina Morassi, Renee Airya and Ali Shanti, to share a glimpse into their own Iconic Essence. You’ll have to watch the movie to get the full story.


I could feel the power of the room and the magnetic energy of the audience as we journeyed through a Vision Quest together to discover our Iconic Essence.


I wore a dress made entirely of white feathers to express a visual wing to guide everyone on their sacred journey to discover who they really came her to be.


(Photos from Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth Event were taken by: Erica Parise-Foster)

The inner landscape is vast and rich. The experience confirmed for me that our Iconic Essence starts within and effortlessly blossoms out in the world when we claim the true desire that dwells in our spirit.

I was so moved by all the people who came up to me after to personally thank me and share parts of their Iconic Essence.

After the event I wanted to find a place in nature to reflect and listen for more insights.

I discovered a trail to the Iconic Hollywood sign, which seemed like the perfect place to anchor in the magical insights.

Watch my Hollywood Hike video…


You can still join in to watch and participate in nü Icon: The Movie to be guided on your own Vision Quest to discover your Iconic Essence.



The Beginning

September 15th, 2013


As we’re putting the final touches on my nü movie I thought it would be fun for you to see one of my earlier short films that I created with Kevin Thom and screened at the Hamilton Film Festival a few years ago.

It is fittingly called The Beginning…



My nü movie is set to be released in October 2013, keep watch!

11 Movie Hints

September 8th, 2013


My nü movie is in the final stages of production, getting ready to be released to you very soon!

It is my most creative, innovative, risky, involved project to date.

Since it is coming out very soon I wanted to give you some hints so you can start to lean into the magic of it and prepare your energy for this transformational experience.

11 Movie Hints

1. Magic is a key ingredient.
Magic leads and informs the creative process and sets the bar for what is possible.


2. There are 7 nü Icons cast in the movie
Each of the 7 nü Icons share different stories and perspectives on what it means to be Iconic!


3. The movie guides you through a journey.
You’ll be guided through a journey to connect with your own Iconic Essence.


4. Money as Spiritual Teacher.
The movie guides you to a nü perspective and experience of money so you can truly empower your dreams in our financial reality.


5. The Rainbow makes its appearance.
Every color of the rainbow is expressed in the movie to ensure a holistic journey!


6. It is a transformational experience.
You can expect to be transformed by this movie experience!


7. Time is an element.
With our modern viewing habits, time was consciously considered in the creation of this movie. We’ll be playing with time in nü ways.


8. Nature is one of the Guides.
The movie includes epic nature to guide and inspire the movie journey.


9. This movie has been in the works for over 10 years!
The ideas for this movie have been incubating and processing for over a decade. Only now is the team and technology available to make it happen.


10. It’s risky!
There were a lot of risks taken to make this movie possible.


11. You are a Star in the movie!
Yes, the movie is designed so YOU are included. In fact the movie isn’t complete until YOU are in it.  This is where the innovation comes in!


Looking forward to sharing this magical movie experience with you!

Movie Release Dates will be announced soon!



Unify Dreams with Reality

September 1st, 2013


The September Issue is about unifying your dreams with reality and stepping onto your path of wholeness.

Wholeness includes your full expression. It includes wild creativity along with the structures to support it. Wholeness includes inspired ideas with empowered wealth.

As a creative, spiritual, nü paradigm, entrepreneur, dreamer, ICON there are some common areas you’ll need to unify in order to experience the full realization of your dreams.

UNIFY to realize your dreams:

  • Right & Left Brain
  • Masculine & Feminine Energy
  • Ideas & Action
  • Structure & Flow
  • Wild Creativity & Organization
  • Exquisite Self Care & Empowered Work
  • Giving & Receiving
  • Health & Healing
  • Leadership & Listening
  • Upper & Lower Chakras
  • Solitude & Socializing
  • Making Offers & Delivering Content
  • Sales & Spending
  • Money & Art
  • Stillness & Movement
  • Kindness & Fierceness
  • Intimacy & Boundaries
  • Business & Rest
  • Cashflow & Risk
  • Love & Love


Moving into wholeness is about understanding and embracing the full range of who you are and seeking ways for ALL of YOU to dance together.

In my nü movie, coming out in October, YOU ARE THE STAR!

You’ll be guided on a magical vision quest to uncover your Iconic Essence and clarify your unique path to wholeness so you can embody your Iconic Essence in this earthly reality!

To stir up the energy now and begin the unification process I invite you to think about where you need to unify.

Where are you out of balance?

What aspects of yourself are you ignoring, avoiding or forgetting about?

What are you really good at? What do you love to do?

What challenges you?

How would your life be different if you were whole?



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The opportunity to unify is available in every moment!