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My Hot Air Balloon Adventure

October 12th, 2014

It had been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old, when I first saw the colored shapes dancing in the sky.  I grew up near a park where the Hot Air Balloons used to take off from. During the summer months while we were eating our dinner outside my whole family would watch in awe as the Hot Air Balloons would lift off above our heads. The passengers used to wave to us while we were eating. For years I thought to myself, “I’m going to go up in one of those one day.”

Then I thought “What am I waiting for?!”

With this years nü Icon Movie release I wanted to do something to celebrate and activate its magic. Realizing a childhood dream seemed like the perfect way to honor the magic of the movie and enter a whole nü reality traveling in nü Icon style.

Going up in a Hot Air Balloon was a completely surreal experience.

Did you recognize the music in the video? It is the theme music from last years nü Icon Movie. The beautiful voice you hear is Ariel White, who was featured in last years movie and she is gracing her presence again in this years nü Icon Movie.  Hearing this music carries me on a breeze of beauty.


Here’s a sketch I did to dream into the Hot Air Balloon experience.  The reality of the experience was even more magical then I imagined.



While the balloon was blowing up I was able to go inside the belly of the rainbow and dance! It felt like a Shamanic Dance to call in the Rainbow Tribe for this years nü Icon Movie. This journey is for you!



Looking at the world from the Hot Air Balloon perspective is stunning.



It’s different from being an in airplane because there are no walls or windows blocking you from the air, it is just you in a basket in the sky.



The fractal brilliance of nature is outstanding. Seeing trees and crops from above does a macro/micro mind-trip.



It was extra special to enjoy this magical experience with my creative soul mate Kevin Thom. Kevin is also the photographer of all these images and this years nü Icon Movie.



We took off with 3 other balloons and danced in the sky with them.



Landing with a whole nü perspective on life. Amazing!



We were up in the air for about an hour. Our pilot from Skyward Balloons sent this flight map after the trip to show us where we traveled and how high up we went. How perfect that our flight pattern was a rainbow!



Going up in a Hot Air Balloon was a dream of mine since I was a child. I decided NOW was the time to live the dream because I wanted to do something to celebrate and activate this years nü Icon Movie.

The essence of this years nü Icon Movie is about living the dream.  It is about embodying your essence to the highest degree and making your life a living breathing work of art.

If you’re feeling NOW is your time to fully embody your essence and make your dreams real, definitely join us for this years nü Icon Movie experience. I will be guiding you on a Vision Quest to discover your Iconic Essence.


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The Soul Art Mural

September 28th, 2014

Making the Soul Art Mural has been a wild adventure into the depths of creativity and the true power of art!

4 Soul Artists from around the world flew in to Canada to work on this magical creation through the summer of 2014.

All the artists who participated in this mural are part of the Master Shaman Level in the Soul Art Certification program. They have been cultivating and mastering their unique expression to become creative spiritual leaders in their communities.

Now that the mural is complete and each artist has had some time to reflect on their creation, it is inspiring to hear their thoughts about their Soul Art.


The Soul Artists


I am here to share and spread my love, creativity and artistry to inspire others on their journey to unleash their creative dreams, to uncover and release their authentic truth and clarify their soul’s purpose and work of art.

-Christina Szegedi, Switzerland,



My path as a Soul Artist is to express the archetypes of the goddess within as self expression, however they desire to flow through and also mirror for other women to inspire and help remember their innate multitudes of facets  of light divine.

-Lucinda Rae, California, USA,



I am expansion, I am queen of my world, I am free to feel, be, do, and have all that makes me smile. My goal has always been to fully express vibrant-and-fun passion through my artwork.”

-Joan Marie, Missouri, USA,



My Soul Art journey has  exploded my intuitive GIFTS to another level. Intuitive Art is pouring out of me like flood gates that have been opened from an overflowing dam. Soul Art is a vehicle for us to receive the messages of our own divine spirit. It is divine cosmic energy made visible so that we can clearly feel, see and own what our hearts yearn to create on this earth.

-Sunne Bernt, Australia,



Creating this Soul Art Mural with these 4 incredible artist has filled my heart with joy.

When it came time to create my own section of the mural I went through a mini-disaster at first (you can read about the disaster here), but it turned out to be a tremendous cleansing experience that opened me to allow the true vision to flow through.

My part in the mural was about expressing the heart of Soul Art.

Soul Art is a journey of discovering who you are on the deepest level and mastering your ability to express it in the world. Soul Art is about unifying your inner and outer worlds into one cohesive expression. Soul Art is about making your imagination real.

-Laura Hollick, Creator of Soul Art, Canada,



You can visit the completed mural and experience the transmission of creativity for yourself.

The Soul Art Mural is located at the corner of York St./Crooks St. (near Dundurn Castle), on the outside wall of the De La Sol Yoga Studio, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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 Photos and video of the Soul Art Mural by Kevin Thom.


The Trees of nü York

September 14th, 2014

I was in New York last week painting a mural at a place called the NU Hotel.

With a name like NU I knew it was the perfect place to share my art. Especially with this year’s nü Icon Movie about to be released in October.

Most people think of New York as a busy cityscape, but it was actually the groundedness of the city and the incredible trees that inspired this creation.

Watch the mural unfold and hear the full story behind this creation…

The mural evolved into a piece called ‘The Trees of nü York’.

I love the creative process. To me, it feels like entering a deep conversation with the divine and opening spaces within that I wasn’t aware of before.  Creating ‘The Trees of nü York’ opened me to a nü level of grounding and understanding about where true support really comes from.

There is often a stereotype that artists and creative people are ungrounded, flighty, up-in-the-clouds,  but I find the opposite to be true.

In order to channel and create so much art, it is essential to be very grounded, at least this is my experience. This mural deepened this awareness for me and opened space for even more creation to flow through me.

Here are some sketches of the ideas unfolding for The Trees of nü York.


Sketches are a great way to work out ideas, but when I’m actually painting things take on a life of their own and can change a lot from what I initially envisioned.

Initially I thought I would paint a red bird perched over the Fire alarm to blend the red color. But, as I started painting it evolved into a flying red Fire Bird.

Art is alive and evolves in the moment. Sketches are simply a way to activate the energy and offer an entry point into the creative process.

Now that the mural is complete I want to fly back to New York and sleep in the room and dream.


It feels so magical to sit in the chair beneath the tree. It feels like magical story time.


So fun to sit in bed and journal about dreams and be carried off by the Fire Bird into the Land of the ImagiNation.

Stay in this room during your next New York trip.

NU Hotel
85 Smith Street,
Brooklyn, New York

I’d love to hear about your experience of The Trees of nü York!


Photos and video of Laura Hollick's art and creative process by Kevin Thom.

When Disaster Strikes

September 3rd, 2014

What do you do when disaster strikes?

I recently experienced a complete creative disaster and I’m still processing it.

In retrospect it always makes sense, but while you’re in the clutches of chaos it can storm over the greatest intentions.

Watch and see my creative disaster….

While I’m processing creative disasters, like this one,  I enjoy having a good laugh and a good cry, in which ever order comes first.  Anything that allows the energy to flow through feels good. Any resistance only prolongs the pain and frustration.

For now, I am beginning to receive the insights of this cleansing storm and am eager to get back to work on the painting.

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing the completed mural with you when it happens. Or should I say when the universe wants it to happen!

I’d love to hear what you do when disaster strikes in your life.

Share your thoughts in the comments on how you BE with your moments of chaos.

Making a Rainbow Feathered Canoe

August 31st, 2014

I had a vision of a Rainbow Feathered Canoe flying through the air and carrying me on a Shamanic journey into the land of the ImagiNation.

Once the vision landed I knew I needed to make it reality. The first thing I needed to do to start bringing this vision into reality was get a canoe!


Since the vision came during the chilly winter months it proved to be more challenging than I expected to find a canoe. But finally I found the perfect canoe. I saw it and felt it would be the perfect Shamanic Vessel to carry me into the Land of the ImagiNation.
Kevin Thom helped me get the canoe into my studio and we had some laughs as we realized this canoe was already transporting us into some nü realms.



Once I had the canoe, I primed the surface with white paint and noticed the canvas floor mat had a message for me…

I had been using this canvas floor mat for years and during one of my very first Soul Art workshops, one of my students, Sabrina Armani, wrote the message “Love is here” on the floor mat while she was painting.  It was such a wonderful surprise to rediscover this message and see it pointing at the canoe!



The canoe is ready for feathers!



For over a year I collected rainbow feathers to gather up enough to cover this canoe.  There are thousands of feathers!



Before attaching any feathers I wrote a dream story all over the body of the canoe so it would be ready for its feather adornment. While I was writing the story I felt like the canoe was giving me a navigational map for where it wanted to travel.  So exciting!



Attaching thousands of feathers is a meditation in patience.

I’ve already devoted days to the process and it is almost half done at the moment.



I absolutely love being in my studio bringing visions into reality. I feel like I enter I deep meditative space of channeling when I’m in the creative process.

I do have some creative quirks that help me through the creative process…

I don’t wear any makeup when I’m working and often have a clay mask covering my face. When I’m creating channeled art a lot of energy is being processed through my body and the clay mask helps draw it out.  For the sake of this photo I took the clay mask off, but I imagine I’ll share that too in the future. We’ll see, it makes me feel kind of vulnerable.

For now, I’m over the moon excited to complete this massive project and share the final creation with you.

We’ll be featuring the Rainbow Feather Canoe in the upcoming nü Icon Movie!

Keep watch for the nü Icon Movie to be realized in October 2014.

I shared one of my little quirks, wearing a clay mask while in creative process.  I’d love to know about any little quirks you have that help you through the journey of bringing visions into reality. Is there anything odd, interesting or unique that you do while you’re creating?

Share your thoughts, what creative quirks do you have?

7 Thought Provoking Questions to Activate your Next Level

August 24th, 2014

As the season shift from Summer to Fall there is a natural rhythm of something ending and something nü beginning. In these in-between moments I love to reflect on what has happened so I can integrate everything and create space for the next level of creation to come through.


The balance to creation is reflection.  Whenever you want to broaden your creative abilities take time to reflect. Reflection massages the soil for new visions to grow.

Here are some questions I reflect on when I want to open the next level of my expression.


Play with these 7 Thought-Provoking Questions yourself:

1. How would you describe your current life experience?

2. What has been most meaningful over the past season?

3. What feels most important to you now?

4. Where do you want to focus your energy as you move forward?

5. What would make this next season absolutely amazing?

6. How would you know if you moved into the next highest level of your expression?

7. What simple thing can you do today to honor the past season and activate the nü one?


Want to go even deeper?


Give yourself the glorious gift of a Creativity Cleanse. Activate the next level of your brilliance! 

Feel the loving support with simple guided exercises, delivered virtually each day for 11 days. Feel held in a sacred container of space to truly open the door of your creative genius.

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The Dark Goddess

August 17th, 2014

I’ve been exploring a character I call The Dark Goddess for the upcoming nü Icon Movie.

She is wild, unpredictable, full of untamed power, fierce in her conviction to her truth and at the same time fearful of losing herself to her own wildness.

We’ve been filming and photographing lots of images in preparation for the nü Icon Movie release in the Fall.

Which Dark Goddess image is your favorite? Vote in the poll below.









Which Dark Goddess image is your favorite?

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I’d love to hear what you think.

Share your thoughts about the Dark Goddess in the comments below. Do you have your own Dark Goddess that wants to be expressed?

Keep watch for nü Icon: The Movie to be released this Fall!

Each creative shoot I do is a ritual of channeling elements of my Galactic Origin and becoming more embodied in my own Iconic Essence. I’m blessed to work with an incredible team of creative geniuses that support the ritualistic nature of my art and elevate it to another level!

Kevin Thom is the photographer and videographer for the nü Icon Movie and images. Sue Upton is the hair/makeup artist for this Dark Goddess shoot. Thank you team!

Creating the Soul Art Shaman Mural

August 10th, 2014

4 of my Shaman Master Level students, in the Soul Art Certification program, have been working with me this summer to create a public mural on the exterior wall of the  De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton, Ontario.

We’ve transformed the whole experience into a giant ritual for embodying the next level of beauty, artistry and higher vibrational frequency.  I can only imagine how the interior of the building is being transformed by all our creative vibrational realignments.


Each Soul Artist  started their section of the mural by using the Bodymapping process. Bodymapping is Level 1 in the Soul Art Certification program, where we trace our bodies to give us a framework for entering the creative process and opening a door to the inner world of our creative genius.

Here’s Christina Szegedi, from Switzerland, creating a dancing bodymap shape to express the full range of her creative expression.



Joan Marie, from Missouri,  anchors her expansive energy with an open arm pose for her bodymap tracing.

What Joan says about her art:

My goal has always been to fully express my vibrant-and-fun passion through my artwork.” – Joan Marie



Lucinda Rae, from California,  brought her mystical magic to the creative process. It felt like the moon was intimately part of her channeled creation. And, or course we managed to paint her part of the mural during the Full Moon!



Creating on the exterior brick wall brought its own set of challenges and opportunities. As Artists we’re always working with what we have to create the visions we imagine.



Sunne Bernt, from Australia, brought her unique brilliance to the mural.

What Sunne says about her Soul Art process:

“There is a powerful portal, a cosmic vortex available to each one of us that is a direct doorway to our original soul and the creative heartbeat of the universe. The message is if we observe our inner landscape and truly SEE with our inner eye we can know the answers to all the questions we have ever asked ourselves. When we keep our inner sight sharp and clear the Vortex that is created opens the way for powerful universal creative energy to surge through into our lives creating magic and miracles on a daily basis.” -Sunne Bernt



Now the final part of the mural is my own section.

I’ve been practicing Soul Art for over a decade and still each journey feels completely fresh and exciting.



As with any Soul Art creation it is a process of channeling the wisdom that wants to flow through at the time.  Right now it is unfolding.


Keep watch for the completed mural to be unveiled this summer!
Share the creative process as it unfolds….



Rainforest Adventure

August 3rd, 2014

My trip to the Rainforest in Tofino, British Columbia restored my balance and opened the whale songs in my heart.


I didn’t know I was going to do this, but it happened….I ended up taking a 10 day hiatus from the computer and technology while immersing myself in the Rainforest environment.  I didn’t know how much I needed to do that. As much as I love the power of the computer and all it has enabled for creative spirits like me, I realize I need to tune out so I can tune in.  Throughout my 10 day Rainforest adventure I was able to integrate things from the past 6 months and open space for the next level of creation that wants to birth through.



Something happens when all you can hear is the sound of nature. A deeper resonance and presence emerges.



While hiking through the dense ancient Rainforest there was a moist quality to the air that hydrated my whole being. The Grandfather trees stood tall teaming with life. The whole forest is an invitation to drop into a deeper space.



It felt so good to go barefoot everyday! I could feel my energy merging with the earth.



I traveled with my creative soul mate Kevin Thom.  We enjoyed resting, reconnecting, recharging and gathering ideas for upcoming projects. Of course we did a few creative photo shoots as well (I’ll share those later!). Kevin is also the photographer of all the images in this post, including this one of the two of us, he managed to set up the timer on his camera and perch it on the log.



We stayed at a beautiful place called The Cabins in Ucluelet. Here’s a shot of our common area that overlooks the ancient trees and the Pacific Ocean. It was so soothing to stay in this gorgeous place. We were able to wake up naturally to the sound of the ocean waving in and eagles announcing the day. In the evening it was so soothing to relax with the fire going.



It felt like walking into a Totem Pole when visiting Roy Henry Vickers Gallery. I’ve always been inspired by Native Art. I studied and wrote about Native Art and Artists many times during my 5 year weekly Art Column for View Magazine. Much of my own Shamanic understanding comes from connecting with their art.



All in all it was an amazing trip! My original plan was to see the whales. Even though we never saw any whales physically, I felt their presence and heard their song as I tuned in deeper layers of my own heart space.

My deepest resonance at this moment is total gratitude and appreciation for Nature. Thank you Mother Earth for all your beauty and splendor!

nü Icon Sound Healing

July 25th, 2014

Not too many people know this, but I actually had a very full life as a musician in my teens, traveling around the world performing with world renowned musicians at International Events like the World Series, before focusing all my energy on the visual arts.

When I left music at 18 I was scared of it.  Through my 20’s I rarely even listened to music. About 5 years ago I started my journey back into the arms of music by beginning weekly private voice lessons. Even my voice teacher will say it took me over a year just to feel comfortable opening my mouth.  There was definitely some deep healing to do with sound.

This year I wanted to nudge into this a little deeper and challenge myself to include sound in this year’s nü Icon Movie creation. Last year we had the luxury of recording Ariel White’s beautiful voice for our theme music. This year, I wanted to be part of the process in some way.

So we included a group recording session during our recent nü Icon Movie Intensive.


Our Rainbow Tribe of nü Icons including Summer McStravick, Alia Melissa Hall, Liz DiAlto, Laura Hames Franklin, Jess Johnson, Ariel White, Jody England, Cora Flora and myself flowed into the vibration of our own unique sound.

There was definitely some divine orchestration happening as we each discovered music and sound vibration to be a strong component of our own Iconic Essence.



Jess Johnson’s unique voice offered strong musical leadership. She became the Heart of the Dragon leading our rhythmic tunes.



Ariel White is a pure channel for sound. It was her beautiful voice that was featured in last years nü Icon theme music. She has been a huge source of inspiration for me personally to reclaim my voice.



Cora Flora’s liquid love sounds ooze with brilliance. It is a true honor to include her radiance in the musical recordings for this year’s nü Icon Movie.



All the nü Icons added their unique magic to the mix.  Music is one of those art forms that touches on a deep vibrational level.

I’m not sure how the recordings will turn out, but I know that as an artist there is always an edge to dance on. There is always the next level to stretch into. Music is my edge at the moment. I sense you’ll be hearing more of my voice in the years to come. I’m still a bit shy about it.

Since the visual arts are so easy for me it is humbling to nudge into sound again because I feel all the vulnerabilities that come with tapping into your true soul’s expression. Art in any form is a divine love affair that requires the deepest level of trust. To be able to share the intimate crevices of your being is nothing short of magic.

I look forward to sharing what we created in the upcoming nü Icon Movie. To be released in the Fall of 2014!

It is our Intention to guide and inspire thousands of people to connect with their Iconic Essence and open the door to the next level of their expression.

Share the magic!