Follow your heart and make money

Do you want to learn how to follow your heart & make money?
During a recent free teleclass I shared the 3 steps I took to make money by following my heart and how you can do the same to increase your income immediately.

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The journey of following your heart & making money can feel like an exotic adventure luring you to some unknown land.
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The idea of following my heart & making money felt like a foreign concept years ago…

I was working as a letter carrier and truck driver for Canada Post and deeply unhappy about it. Can you picture a creative spirit like me driving a truck and delivering the mail (not a pretty site)!

My dream of being a thriving artist felt like a far away land that only visited me in my imagination. I guarded that dream with all my might because it was the only thing keeping me connected to my true purpose.

I knew I was born to create beautiful visions and share inspirational messages with others, but I didn’t know how to make money doing it. So I had a job to pay the bills.

When I wasn’t exhausted from walking and driving all day I would squeeze in a few hours in my studio. I never felt like I had enough time to really get into anything, because as soon as things started to flow I’d have to rush off to work.

Everyone told me I had a great job with benefits, a pension, and a powerful union. This might shock you, but I didn’t care. The only thing that really truly mattered to me was knowing I was living my purpose, and sadly I knew I wasn’t.

I felt like money was keeping me from following my heart….

I knew I needed money to pay the bills. But everything I needed to do to make the money was keeping me from doing the very thing I wanted to do.  I was so frustrated!

I wished there was a way that I could follow my heart & make money….

After years of working at jobs that had nothing to do with my dreams and passions I decided I’d had enough! I quit my job and set out to solve the money mystery.

Now years later I am on my way to making 6 Figures, (6 figures is over a $100,000).
Here is a picture of me in my current studio….

Soul Artist Laura Hollick in her soul art studio following her heart.

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18 Responses to “Follow your heart and make money”

  1. Comment by Katherine C. H. E.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ THANK YOU for being YOU!!! I am so delighted our paths have crossed. I always enjoy being inspired by your posts. I delight in your elegant and beautiful uniqueness! ♥ ♥ ♥Katherine.

  2. Comment by laura

    Katherine you must know how much I was thinking of you while filming the video in the magnolia garden.
    You’ve taught me so much about the energy of flowers.

  3. Comment by Kiyla Fenell

    Your artful expression is breathtaking and mesmerizing. I honor your craft…I think your absolutely fabulous!

  4. Comment by Dr. Robert Fenell

    Your unique and captivating way of delivering messages is extremely effective. I have enjoyed your work. Thank you.
    Dr. Robert Fenell

  5. Comment by Debbie McNeill

    Laura, you constantly amaze me with your brilliance both inside and out. I’ve never seen your studio before and it is truly an expression of you. You are an inspiring role model and I look forward to learning from you.

  6. Comment by Linda P. Jones

    I love your creativity and your ability to share yourself with others. Just beautiful.

  7. Comment by Ellen Martin


    Your story hits home. So many people don’t understand the entrepreneur’s path and that our desire to live our purpose outweighs any benefit that an employer could offer.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  8. Comment by Terri Cook

    Hey Laura

    Of course – Creative, Beautiful and Soulful – all we discussed in March at the retreat I see is coming to fruition gorgeous lady

    Joy & Blessings


  9. Comment by Anita G.Wheeler

    Hello Laura,

    Such a beautiful and creative way to be living your dream and teaching others to live theirs. Beautiful.


  10. Comment by Jenny Fenig

    What an inspiring story, Laura! Thank you for sharing. You took a big leap of faith to walk away from the “safe route” and pursue your passion. I can relate. Two and a half years ago, I walked away from a 6-figure job in the corporate world that was sucking the life out of me as it didn’t align with who I was at my core. It takes a lot of guts to walk a new path … once you do, you wonder: “what took me so long?” Keep living your truth!


  11. Comment by Trudy

    Oh my gosh this is magical and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (despite the snow!). I love the message and courage to follow your heart. And as always I love your creativity in gettng the message across. I love all of your work but I have to say this video is my favorite!
    Good for you for following your heart and helping others follow theirs! Trudy

  12. Comment by Lisa Manyon


    I can so relate to this and as a writer, I’ve also been subjected to the belief that writers are starving. Your video is so inspirational and helps leads people towards the journey of their heart and soul. Well done!

    Write on!~


  13. Comment by Mitch Tublin

    Your blog is a place I look forward to visiting to see what new and wonderful joys you have created for us.
    Your talent and beauty jump through every time.
    Thank you for being you,

  14. Comment by goals coaching with Lynn Moore

    Laura, your talent is such an amazing gift to the world. The video is stunning and the message beautiful. Isn’t it incredible how living your purpose makes life such a joy and not a struggle.

  15. Comment by Terry Monaghan

    Laura, I know that the point where I decided to STOP trying to please everyone else and just focus on what made me happy was the point where I began to experience real success – and experienced making a profound difference in the lives of my clients as well.

  16. Comment by Christine McIvor

    You are like clock-work Laura…. consistantly amazing and unique! I always look forward to your calls even if I can’t make it I definitely sign up for the recording. Thank you for your inspiration.

  17. Comment by Phil Dyer

    I am going to echo Katherine from the first post…

    Thank you SO much for being you. You just take artistry, grace and dreaming mixed with common sense to a whole new level…what a great video!


  18. Comment by Joanne Morton

    I love how you get the “exact” inspiration/information when you need it … I am at a point in my career where if I ALLOW myself to FEEL abundant and LIVE my art fully – I will be able to release the resistance to being a WELL PAID FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL ARTIST!! I’ve manifested so much in this past year that is preparing me for more … thank you to everyone who believes ART & SPIRIT are valuable! Magic Passion Love & YOU!