What is Bodymapping?

What is Bodymapping and how can it be used to heal deep inner wounds? clarify your purpose? and unleash your creative genius?


Laura Hollick tracing a clients body for a Soul Art Bodymapping process. Photo by Kevin Thom.

‘Bodymapping’ is a creative Soul Art process I developed over 10 years ago as a way to heal my own body physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I had just graduated with a Fine Arts degree from McMaster University and I was dancing professionally. My deepest dream was to feel beautiful and allow my creative spirit to flow powerfully through my body and my art.

Ironically the more I wanted this the more I felt the complete opposite.  My experience of ugliness was becoming the norm and beauty felt like a fantasy.  I had developed acne and felt deep shame and embarrassment whenever someone looked at me.  This created lots of problems as a dancer and it took its emotional toll on me too.

My desire to heal deepened and I became consumed with the fantasy of having beautiful skin. I imagined how different my life would be; I imagined connecting with people without feeling like I had to hide; I imagined sharing my creative gifts with the world and being recognized for what I offered.

I made a decision, I was going to heal my skin!

My quest began with visits to Doctors, Dermatologists then it evolved to Herbalists, Nutritionists, Chinese Medicine Doctors, Acupuncturists, Reiki Healers, Cranial Sacral Practitioners and  Massage Therapists.  Then my quest deepened and I became certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and DNA Reprogramming, all to clear my skin!

Still the zits prevailed.

Finally I realized there must be a deeper spiritual issue going on because nothing was working.

This is when I took matters into my own hands and asked my spirit to guide me.

Shortly after that I randomly started tracing my body on an art board, which magically turned into a bird.


After that fateful day, I realized there was a whole world existing within my body. My intuition told me to tune into what was happening within my body.

I had nothing else to do but listen. So I tuned in to the Red Bird living in my legs and followed it on a journey. I believed it would lead me to find my answers.

I ended up following that Red Bird through my whole body. I felt like I was traveling through an entire geographic world. So I started to refer to these creative body tracings as ‘Bodymapping’

Bodymapping and Soul Art

With each Bodymapping session I would receive guidance and insights for my healing journey until eventually my skin was completely healed!
Now I regularly receive compliments about my skin. This makes the Red Bird inside of me very happy!

Through the process I cleared my skin, clarified my soul’s purpose and unleashed my creativity!

After I had such great success with Bodymapping in my own life, I started sharing it with others. Now I have personally done the Bodymapping process with hundreds of people from all over the world. I’ve witnessed some of the deepest most profound healing imaginable.

Here are some examples of my clients Soul Art Bodymapping:

Soul Art Students Bodymapping

After a 10 year journey with Soul Art Bodymapping I’m finally ready to launch the Soul Art Certification Level 1 Bodymapping.

Soul Art Certification

Become a Certified Soul Art Guide and give people the experience of bodymapping.

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14 Responses to “What is Bodymapping?”

  1. Comment by Pinky mcKay

    wow! laura, I would never have known you had a struggle with feeling ‘ugly’ – you are such a beautiful woman at all levels. Thats a lovely story of healing even though it was obviously a painful and tedious journey. You are an amazing healer!

  2. Comment by John

    Body-wisdom…. oh, yes, on the deepest of levels. Thank you for this story – it comes right on time for me, to re-remember what I’ve always deeply known, and thus honour my body as a divine vessel.

    My challenge today is to be constant; my temptation is to give in through exhaustion – to “do what seems right” (for “others” given the parameters of the “real world”, etc.,) rather than dive deep to live passionately my ecstatic purpose and help myself to transform as I help others through me enjoying being ever more deeply true to ME!

    Connecting through the body-passion and the intimate space-allowing and the inner journeying – this is a real sacred tantric shamanism in the holiest of spaces – inside us where the deepest Spirit has always dwelt!

    Thank you, Laura


    John Overton

  3. Comment by Patti Foy

    Wow, Laura, this was fascinating! And I loved seeing the paintings that grew out of the situation too. It kind of reminds me of something I practice called Matrix Energetics. (MatrixEnergetics.com — very cool.) It seems that both processes bring unseen and subconscious patterns to us so that they can shift. Thank you and I may check out your teleclass!

  4. Comment by Chris

    I have been plagued with a rash for 9 months. I will try this and believe in healing and answers for this plague of my spirit.

  5. Comment by sheila wagner

    Laura–what an inspiration your story and your work are! As an Integrative Health Care practitioner–I have always felt that healing is inside all of us–it’s just being able to tap into it! Your process is stunning! Thank you!


  6. Comment by Sue Painter

    I’ve heard of body mapping in another way, we used it many times in massage school and when I trained in Reiki. It is, indeed, a POWERFUL entrance into the body and our emotions. I love the art work you created from your own body maps. Wow! Gives me all sorts of ideas!

    Sue P.

  7. Comment by Kiyla Fenell

    I love the process you went through for your healing. Simply beautiful!
    Kiyla Fenell

  8. Comment by Trudy Scott (Food Mood Expert)

    What an amazing process and what an amazing outcome – thank you for sharing your gift…

  9. Comment by Mitch Tublin

    Your story was so amazing, the process and your transformation.
    You are a beautiful and super talented person! Thank you so much for being you, Mitch

  10. Comment by Anita G.Wheeler

    Body Mapping. Love the way you define it. I did something similar in my training with Marion Woodman in Canada that was really life changing and I still have my canvases and get them out to remind myself of who I am!

    So exciting that you are teaching something that is so very valuable and most often not recognized… the relationship with our bodies.



  11. Comment by Heidi Alexandra Pollard

    Laura – You are the wisest, most creative woman I have ever been blessed to know – can’t wait to be a part of body mapping myself in 2011!

  12. Comment by Elly

    Thanks for sharing such beauty and so honestly. You triggered a memory. Many years ago, I was at an art workshop and had this urge to draw around myself, the tutor wondered what on earth I was doing! It was one of the most powerful things I have ever done for myself. I recently had to get rid of it because of lack of storage (it is huge even when rolled up)but what a powerful reminder it was of who I really am, who I am potentially etc. If I lived on your side of the pond I would love to have a session with you, as I can see that you take it to an even deeper level.

  13. Comment by Jaye

    love love love your stuff!!thank you.

  14. Comment by Inspiration Monday – The (Official) Birth of a Family – TheOrganicSister

    […] type of artwork/healing is so […]