Let’s get certified!

The Soul Art Certification program begins on April 1st!
There are currently only 2 spaces left in the Master Level Program.

Register today and begin Your Soul Art Certification Journey

Soul Art Certification


11 Responses to “Let’s get certified!”

  1. Comment by Christina Morassi

    You look SO BEAUTIFUL, Laura!! Wow, what a lovely and stunning video. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us. xx

  2. Comment by Makenzie Caine

    Agreed. Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!

  3. Comment by Lisa Manyon

    Stunning. Beautiful video and I love how your program is creating new opportunity for others.

    Write on!~


  4. Comment by Heidi Alexandra Pollard

    Love the red dress Laura – it certainly signifies that you are a courageous leading lady stepping into your divine power and leading the way for others to follow!
    Heidi Alexandra

  5. Comment by Sue Painter

    You must have skin of steel – I would be under a ton of coats, ha! Gorgeous!

  6. Comment by Jennifer Longmore

    What an awesome opportunity to be supported by someone of your calibre…woohoo!

  7. Comment by Katherine C. H. E.

    Congratulations for doing your Soul’s work and getting it out there to the WORLD. You ROCK, Lady! Keep up the BEAUTIFUL work you do! ♥ ♥ Katherine.

  8. Comment by Jenny Fenig

    You are a ray of light, Laura! Love how you just keep growing, evolving and inspiring.


  9. Comment by Mitch Tublin

    Beautiful and well composed video.

  10. Comment by Terry Monaghan

    Congratulations Laura! This will be an amazing program.


  11. Comment by Patricia Selmo

    Beautiful, Laura – this sounds like a wonderful program!