What it takes to let yourself be seen

One of the most challenging things for creative spiritual people is letting themselves be seen fully.

There are many reasons for this including:
-fear of judgement
-insecurity about one’s talents
-fear of persecution
-self protection
-not feeling ready
-memories of unpleasant experiences
-historical stories of people who let themselves be seen and were punished.

It is getting to the point where the reasons don’t matter any more. What matters is doing what you need to do in order to let yourself be seen because the Earth needs your creative spiritual gifts.

3 Self Care Tips for Letting Yourself Be Seen:

1. Create a sacred space for yourself to be yourself.
2. Surround yourself with people and environments that believe in who you are.
3. Practice being yourself.

Can you think of some more Tips that will help Creative Spiritual People let themselves be seen fully.
Or do you have a tip that you have personally used that has helped you?

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20 Responses to “What it takes to let yourself be seen”

  1. Comment by Jill


    Your messages just fill me with so much inspiration and are exaactly what I need to hear in the moment ;)As a side note you had the intuition that water had a message for me. I have received many insights but a big insight came through today from a wonderful man named Ryan. He wrote a beautiful account of a Shamanic healing ritual he did. His message: Water The Cycle of Life-We are all blessed to know its wisdom. My truth from Ryan’s message: I am like water. I accept the flow of life with purpose, with intention and fully aware of who I am at my Core. Thanks for the heads up on being aware that water had a message for me in some deeper way. You are that good!

    With Heart,


  2. Comment by Lay

    To desperately find my soul calling. I had never felt more alive and wanting to live out my physical life to its full. Ever since I started uncovering my gifts through Soul Art, I began to see what I am about and better equipped to prepare my space and environment in ways that nourish and support my unfolding.
    Thank you, Laura- I love your newsletters!

  3. Comment by Judy

    You inspire me so much and this video of the, soil, water, green plants and trees….sends a message of getting grounded in my space, spread my branches out, share the spirit….reach out to others share the light and my creative spirit. Thanks Laura 🙂

  4. Comment by Leila

    Hi Laura,

    Your video’s are always such a pleasure to watch. You are one of the very few people who’s videos I do in fact watch at all! Just seeing what you have come up with next is always inspiring and heart warming. Also, you keep your message short, to the point and honest.
    Thank you xxx

  5. Comment by closed for major restoration: watercolor palette mixes « shauna lee lange

    […] theme of restorative art work has been popping up again and again for me, most recently also with Soul Art Studio, which also has a video about examining whether where you “live” (and all that means). […]

  6. Comment by Ana

    Oh Laura,
    As usual, I love this!
    It is such sycronistic timing, as I was just out on a glorious morning hike (definitely my “fertile environment”), and noticing the gorgeous wild flower popping everywhere. Now these flowers spring forth in all their glory without hesitation, without apology, without expectation, and without conditions.
    The flowers do not decide they are having a bad day, so they should hide or not flower that day.

    Just so many lessons to be learned from nature, I love that we are connected.

    much love and healthy bliss,

  7. Comment by MakieDoll

    Thank you. This is a great reminder to take inventory of our surroundings and the space we’ve allowed ourselves to create and to be seen. Thank you once again for your insight and encouragement!


  8. Comment by Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

    My fertile soil? Hmmm. have to agree with Ana about nature being a sacred space the gives life to my creative spirit. And like Jill I am especially drawn to water. In the past, I would have said fast flowing mountain streams and waterfalls, but I am coming more to appreciate the slow meandering stream and almost stagnant wetlands.

  9. Comment by Kristina

    And with that, I’m off to tackle cleaning out my office…specifically my desk! Just placed a flowering cactus to my left for starters.

    Be BOLD,

  10. Comment by Heidi Alexandra Pollard

    Great setting for your video Laura – you live in a beautiful country.
    I do several things to ensure I sharpen my saw and have fertile soil:

    1. I created a sacred space to do my best work in at the top of a mountain with a beautiful view surrounded by candles, music and my favourite chair
    2. I surround myself with positive people through masterminds, I already drink deeply and widely from good books
    3. I spend an hour a day in solitude so I can tap into my inner voice.
    Thanks for sharing this video
    Heidi Alexandra

  11. Comment by laurahollick

    Amazing Heidi! I love that you gift yourself with an hour of solitude each day to tap into your inner voice!

  12. Comment by Susie Beiler

    Yes! Environment is so key! Turn off the TV, diffuse some essential oils, and set up your space to nurture your soul! 🙂

  13. Comment by laura

    What a beautiful patch of flowers we are!

  14. Comment by Jaclyn

    Thank you Laura so much for this video and the reminder to plant ourselves in a nourishing environment! I am about to move into a studio for the first time and this reminder eases my mind as I know this move will greatly nourish me while giving me the space to grow!

  15. Comment by laurahollick

    Wonderful Jaclyn!
    I can’t wait to hear about how your creativity grows as a result of your move!

  16. Comment by Cerise

    My fertile soil is my love for colors, for the unpredictable and uncanny. Watching out for miracles and finding them helps a lot to nourish my soil. Wearing blue rubber boots seems to work well, too, maybe I should get a pair:)

  17. Comment by Shakaya Leone

    …she always wore a flower in her hair to celebrate the day she blossomed and truly fell in love with herself…

  18. Comment by Kiyla Fenell

    Love this! When I moved from my smaller home to my OPULENT castle…I noticed a complete change in the way I created & manifested. Thanks Laura for being so cutting edge with your information and revelations.

  19. Comment by Jason Fonceca

    I also Love This! 😀

    Laura, I love how you offer value to your your people. This is very relevant to me.

    I may not be your target audience (the majority seem to be wonderfully beautiful women :P) but…

    I’d love a little clarification on point 3. ‘be yourself.’ – I find this phrase is used everywhere, often, and it feels quite powerful, and at the same time, general.

    What does it mean? Are there more specifics?

  20. Comment by Filomena Wally

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