What is Your True Nature?

Soul Art studio takes Manhattan. Or Manhattan takes Soul Art studio!
I know you probably know me more as a nature girl, but Soul Art is about connecting with your True Nature and expressing it no matter where you are.

Your True Nature is the core essence of you. It is the part of you that exists no matter what is happening in your life or who is around. At different times in our lives our True Nature is more on the forefront and that is usually when we are the happiest.

Discovering your True Nature and feeling confident about expressing it in all aspects of your life is the foundation for a rich meaningful life. When you are disconnected from your True Nature in any way, there is an unsettled feeling that creates stress, imbalance and spiritual and material lack.

During the upcoming Soul Art Certification program I will be guiding you to connect with your True Nature and express it fully! You will also learn how to guide other people to connect with their True Nature using the Soul Art process.

You can get all the details for the upcoming
Soul Art Certification program here
Soul Art Certification

The Soul Art Certification program begins July 22nd.
Become a Certified Soul Art Guide this summer!

Get all the details here

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9 Responses to “What is Your True Nature?”

  1. Comment by Annette


    I know you’re a nature girl but you look awesome in NYC! That’s my old stomping grounds…in fact, one of my former clients was Ernst &Young so I used to trek into that building with the red logo in the background all the time. Of course that was my “short hair and suit” days…how fun would it have been to walk into those corporate meetings with an outfit like yours? Seeing you there is a delight! xo

  2. Comment by laura

    Wow, Annette! I had no idea you used to be a corporate girl.
    That is the magic of life, we can continuously transform into the next version of ourselves.

    Looking forward to discovering your next incarnation!

  3. Comment by Antoinette Cabral

    LAURA! YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE INSPIRATIONAL GODDESS! I can feel your authentic and creative presence in New York transmit the nature mama energy to me right now. BTW, your costume is phenomenal!! It looks like so much fun. 😉

  4. Comment by Wendy Krueger

    Hi Laura:

    New York is a great city for inspiration, from the people to the architecture to the buzz of the city. There is so much creativity to be found everywhere.

    You would probably love the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met if you are still in town.

    – Wendy

  5. Comment by laurahollick

    Hi Wendy, You know me so well! I did go to the Alexander McQueen exhibition. It was absolutely incredible. I waited in line for almost an hour to get in. So worth it. The ideas and inspiration are flowing!

  6. Comment by Heidi Alexandra Pollard

    What a great idea for inspiration Laura – you always trigger my creativity and possibility thinking!
    Heidi Alexandra

  7. Comment by Shimoda

    Welcome to my part of the world. Do you have time to come to Harlem? Like tomorrow – Monday? Maybe I can give you a quick tour. I go out of town Tuesday.

  8. Comment by laura

    Hi Shimoda,
    That would be such a treat to meet you!
    I’m already back in Canada.

    Hopefully we can connect during my next New York trip.
    I love your Goddess dolls!

  9. Comment by cyndi

    Love this!! Pure unfettered joy:)
    I love the people walking by and the smile in your voice.
    And, Of course your style – goes without saying.
    Laura, thanks for being you!!!