Enchantment is the new order of business

Butterflies offer business advice if you listen to them.
It is no longer business as usual.

We are in a magical time in human history where we can consciously create the life and career we imagine.

Here are 5 thought provoking questions to open up the magic in your life:

1. What makes you giggle with mischief?
2. What do you secretly enjoy and get great pleasure from?
3. How do you think you are supposed to behave in your life and business?
4. How would you love to be in your life and business?
5. When you feel free and open how do you express yourself?

The way you answer these questions will give you clues for creating your enchanted life.

If you want to dive in deeper to create your own magical life and business,
learn how to Create Yourself
Create Yourself

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10 Responses to “Enchantment is the new order of business”

  1. Comment by Gerald

    Laura, I like the message your carrying today.. I have found in my business sometimes people come by with something just outside of what it is I do.. But I love that kind of creative energy as it starts the juices flowing for something different and fun to do.. Without getting into detail as I hold it confidential to my customer.. I can say it involves very large wings and potentially lots of feathers, depending what the mock-up drawings are going to be… It was just presented to me last Friday & I think she was nervous about sharing it with me.. So it’s the next step in the planning stage. Now that she is getting over the giggly mischief introduction, and can now feel free to open up in a trusting environment. Can you share with me where you get your feather from.. I’m sure you have a huge box full in your play room. I got a feeling I will need a large box of left and right feathers, an even balanced load.. Again depending the planning outcome, type, colour, size is not yet known.. Oh yea, she did share with me a story about a big monarch butterfly that came directly towards her while driving her car.Just prior to her project introduction. Himmmm? Cheers

  2. Comment by Rosa Maria

    Oh Laura! I have been so enchanted by creating my life and the magic that has bleneded what were separate ways of living. Inner/Outer worlds, home life/work life, relationships…they are all one. That magical flow is a wonderful concoction, an elixer of tasty nectar. It feels like a delicious amber honey dripping over me. Your message arrives with perfection. Thank you.

  3. Comment by Honour

    Hi Laura,
    You are an exquisite nature spirit with a divine spirit-message for the world. I love the enchanting path of beauty you are now walking, leading us all with your shining light, and sprinkling fairy-dust all around, seeding the magical world to come.
    Thanks for bringing some magic into my life today.

  4. Comment by Antoinette Cabral

    YES! Receiving the blessings of magic into my life and remembering that I can call it and allow it in. Oooooooooo la la….it feels so good. YUM!

  5. Comment by Heidi Alexandra Pollard

    Beautiful video and message Laura – I love the concept of thinking about what makes me giggle with mischief and as soon as I think about when do I feel free and open i feel a release and vastness – thank you for sharing
    Heidi Alexandra

  6. Comment by laurahollick

    Thanks Heidi! I was thinking of you this week and imagining doing Soul Art with your Leading Ladies.

  7. Comment by laurahollick

    Honour, such a treat to reconnect with you. How are your films unfolding?

  8. Comment by laurahollick

    Antoinette, your female sensuality is pure magic!

  9. Comment by Maureen

    Thanks for the reminding me that I do have the chance to create my life and myself in any way that makes me complete. I envy your ease with your creativity and look to find the same!

  10. Comment by laurahollick

    Hi Maureen,
    What we see in others is a mirror for what is in us.