Creating Global Art

Thousands of people participated in the Global Vision Quest to be get a vision of their Iconic Essence and be inspired by what is possible in the nü paradigm.

Hundreds sent in their Iconic Essence description. The energy of all these nü Icons became the foundation for a Global Art piece.

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The Global Vision Quest has been a spectacular event and experience. I am so honored to be co-creating the nü paradigm with you.

Continue your Iconic journey!

Join me on the 11 Day Iconic Embodiment Journey to become a fully embodied nü Icon!

There is a nü Tribe of people who are living their Iconic Essence and thriving.
Join the nü Tribe and be a nü Icon.

It’s your time to be Iconic!


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5 Responses to “Creating Global Art”

  1. Comment by alyse

    I love your work – it is so inspirational and FREEING.
    thank you

  2. Comment by Cici

    Love it!

  3. Comment by Alishia

    I love you so much Laura. I look forward to your newsletters every time they land in my in box. They are such a breath of fresh air and reminder to listen. I love when you reminded me to “when i’m creating i’m listening to what that vision wants to be and my job is to let it flow through me”. ahh. love that. I plan to find a way to remind myself of that everyday. I’m so often forcing my business into being what I want it to be and i rarely stop to ask “what do you want to be”. thank you for that.

  4. Comment by melody

    Oh, Laura! Your art gave me goosebumps! What a magnificent reflection of the nu tribe!!! I love how you listen to what the art is saying…
    Thank you for living in your iconic essence~
    much love to you,

  5. Comment by Gerald

    I Laura, I’m back stepping here, as I am now post 11 Day Iconic Journey.
    I wanted to express I love the inspiration of creating the Global Vision art piece. Looks great and the connection with the shell/spiral is awesome..
    I did take the 11 day iconic journey with you. I have some idea’s that I was planning on creating once my Studio was finished and ready to play in. During the 11 Day Journey I did connect with this experience and will show how this relates with my past endeavours and nu evolving ideas. Most likely through YouTube for now..
    On Day 10 ( Friday Nov 2nd ) I went to the bank to do some business.. I arrived at 12:12 on my return to the shop, It was now 12:21 a mirror reflection of the 12 number.. Power numbers of 11 & 22 .. As I stepped out of my Van.. My foot hit something on the ground and it made a tumbling rattle sound.. I looked down and saw a Vacant Snail Shell at the toe of my left foot. I bent down and picked it up.. I put it in an envelop with the time date info and will include it in my You Tube video’s as a form of symbolism in connection with your Global Quest and the 11 day Iconic Embodiment Journey.
    It was at this time of picking the shell up that I remembered your Global Vision Art piece. I made a mental note to revisit it.. I must have missed a message in there somewhere.. Or It was just a way to remind me to give you proper Thanks for taking the time in Creating the whole experience in the first place. And including me as a guest in the quest .

    Thanks Again

    P.S. I’m going to post this in both the Creating Global Art on Sunday, October 21st, 2012, 10:01 am.
    & Transform Your Iconic Essence into a Thriving Career
    Cheers !