Hollywood Hike

I was in Hollywood this past week presenting nü Icon: The Movie at Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth Event. It was an absolutely stellar event with bursting moments of ecstasy!

In the land of celebrity, fame and star power it was an exceptional place to guide a Vision Quest. It was as if a portal had opened up between the real world and the imagined world and we could create the life of our dreams.


Christina Morassi created such a sacred space with her Star Power Activating Genius.  I felt so honored to be part of her stellar event and witness her incredible ability to light up a stage like a Rockstar and lead with effortless power.


5 of the nü Icons featured in the movie joined me on stage, in rainbow order, Jena LaFlamme, Ariel White, Christina Morassi, Renee Airya and Ali Shanti, to share a glimpse into their own Iconic Essence. You’ll have to watch the movie to get the full story.


I could feel the power of the room and the magnetic energy of the audience as we journeyed through a Vision Quest together to discover our Iconic Essence.


I wore a dress made entirely of white feathers to express a visual wing to guide everyone on their sacred journey to discover who they really came her to be.


(Photos from Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth Event were taken by: Erica Parise-Foster)

The inner landscape is vast and rich. The experience confirmed for me that our Iconic Essence starts within and effortlessly blossoms out in the world when we claim the true desire that dwells in our spirit.

I was so moved by all the people who came up to me after to personally thank me and share parts of their Iconic Essence.

After the event I wanted to find a place in nature to reflect and listen for more insights.

I discovered a trail to the Iconic Hollywood sign, which seemed like the perfect place to anchor in the magical insights.

Watch my Hollywood Hike video…


You can still join in to watch and participate in nü Icon: The Movie to be guided on your own Vision Quest to discover your Iconic Essence.



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7 Responses to “Hollywood Hike”

  1. Comment by Caroline Frenette Intuitive Leadership Coach

    I love the concept of a Nu Icon; we absolutely need that in the world. Thank you for your creative work Laura and for inspiring more women to become Nu modern heart centered Icons.

  2. Comment by Teresa Capaldo

    Thanks for sharing the view Laura. I love your long lean shadow stretching towards the iconic Hollywood sign!

    I believe there are different levels of “high-up” perspectives.
    Not all desire to be *iconic stars* but that does not mean, we can’t have and bring iconic power and energy into the world.
    Brilliant actors, for example, often go years without being fairly recognized. They’re all waiting for that “big-break” as they say.

    One has to believe fully in themselves just as they are, in order to believe fully in their potential for something greater.

    Zooming out is something I’m focusing on now. Recognizing the need to “think big” and plan way in advance, and figure it out as I go. In that way, you inspire me, as you continually grow more deeply into your own creative brilliance.
    ~With Joy to you. Teresa

  3. Comment by Kristi B

    Laura, I had been so looking forward to your presence at Christina’s event, and the experience was even more profound than what I had imagined. That so many of the other nu Icons were present made the experience even more magical and powerful. The Shamanic Journey you led us through was a truly amazing and I was quite surprised both by what led me, as well as what I was shown. In the end I was Connected Radiance.

    Thank you for traveling to Hollywood, and gifting us with your grace and energy. I also thank the nu Icons who were present, and who also presented their grace and gifts. What an amazing concept you are offering, and I have received so much inspiration from this movie and your offering.

    Many Blessings, and Energy from the Expansive and Enchanting New Mexico.

  4. Comment by lynn kiesewetter

    your dress of thousands of feather- what birds donated their feathers to you?

  5. Comment by Andrea

    I am inspired by your Hollywood Hike video – thank you for sharing this!

  6. Comment by rainbeau

    You are amazing. I miss you!!!!

  7. Comment by Faith Presley

    It looks like you had a wonderful time!