My Top 10 Highlights and Lowlights of 2013

2013 has been an incredible year, filled with wild creativity, epic adventures, superstar encounters, deep nourishing love and bliss in my body!

With any wholistic journey the bliss comes with some hiccups too.  There have been some epic highs and some sad lows. I’d like to share my highlights and lowlights with you to inspire you and give you the whole truth.

My Top 10 Highlights of 2013

1. Creating nü Icon: The Movie


nü Icon: The Movie was an innovative movie experience where the audience was guided through a vision quest to discover their Iconic Essence.

I had been playing with the idea of guiding a Global Vision Quest for years and I wanted to take it to another level.  The movie was an experiment in creativity, content delivery and ultimately creating marketing and business as art.  Creating the movie felt the same as when I create any other type of art, it took me on a wild journey into places I never imagined and taught me about love, beauty, spiritual depth and the magic that happens when you allow yourself to be a channel for inspiration!

It was especially magical to include 7 powerful, iconic women in the creative process and highlight their Iconic Essence. nü Icons featured in the movie: Jena La Flamme, Deborah Skye King, Ariel White, Christina Morassi, Renee Airya, Ali Shanti and Rose Cole.

Working with Kevin Thom as the photographer and editor of the movie was also deeply rewarding and elevated both of us to nü heights!


2. nü Icon Contest


Part of the nü Icon movie experience included a contest where people were invited to create something that expressed their Iconic Essence for a chance to win a scholarship for the 2014 nü Icon program.

I was blown away by the potent power of this nü Icon Contest!  People around the world created stunning art, photos, poetry and videos to express their Iconic Essence. All the entries were posted on our nü Icon movie facebook group and created such lively engagement, you could feel the energy pulsating!

Marija Milicevic won the nü Icon Contest and will be beginning her year of mentorship in the 2014 nü Icon program. Congratulations Marija!


3. Screening nü Icon: The Movie in Hollywood


It was such an honor to screen part of nü Icon: The Movie at Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth Live Event in Hollywood.

Christina is a dear friend who I love and respect. Both of us have been growing our businesses at the same time and it was so inspiring to see the wild success she has built with her Ecstatic Wealth Brand and to be included in her ‘Ecstatic Wealth Live Event’ by sharing my own success.  It was also fun to reunite with  five of the nü Icons featured in the film, by calling them on stage with their rainbow colors!

I created a special dress for the event, made of hundreds of white feathers. Wherever I walked I left a trail of feathers!


4. Masterminding with Richard Branson on Necker Island


What a surreal opportunity to travel to Necker Island and participate in Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite Mastermind.

Richard Branson is a billionaire entrepreneur who has revolutionized the concept of being a personal brand. He creates his whole life and business as an epic adventure filled with fun.  Experiencing his island home along with the other brilliant entrepreneurs that were present has forever shifted me.

I traveled there with a group of Goddess Women led by Renee Airya. The whole experience was amazing on every level!


5. Lifestyle Up-Level


I’ve been shifting my lifestyle and eating habits dramatically over the past few years. I became a Certified Raw Chef and have shifted my diet to 80% raw. This year I felt a huge up-level in my energy as a result of having my morning green juice along with an infrared sauna and a 1-2 hour hike in the forest! I feel so nourished as I indulge in all my exquisite self care practices.

Another big up-level for me was finally realizing a long-standing desire to do a 3-day Juice Cleanse and a full month of eating strictly greens!  It was intense, but richly rewarding!


6. Business Heroine Magazine Cover


Being featured on the cover of Business Heroine Magazine made my heart glow with pride. After such a journey to create my own business success I feel blessed to be part of a movement of creative spiritual people who are claiming their power to make money and thrive on all levels!


7. International Soul Art Day


Thousands of people around the world joined us on International Soul Art Day to create Soul Art for the day. Joining me live in my studio: Charu Morgan, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Lisa Sonora Beam, Charlotte Lascelles and Laura Hames Franklin.

I believe art has the power to heal, inspire and birth nü worlds! It was amazing to discover so many others love art as much as I do!


8. Soul Art Supernova!


I’ve always been a prolific artist with an endless flow of creative ideas, inspiration and the ability to birth ideas into reality. But this year was out-of-this-world in terms of creativity and divine inspiration. It felt like a Soul Art Supernova!

One of the creations I’m most excited about is the birth of the Soul Art Certification Master Shaman Level. This is the culmination of over a decade of creative process, journeys and art. Expressing and teaching how to be a Soul Art Shaman ignites my spirit!


9. Deepening my relationship with Kevin


Kevin Thom and I have been partners for 5 years. We are creative soul mates for sure!

We are partners both personally and professionally. Kevin is the genius photographer who helps me realize my visions.  He is also the grounding force that reminds me that love is the most important thing, no matter what! I always feel unconditionally loved in his magnificent presence, what a blessing!

This is a photo from our 2013 Mexico trip.  I’m so excited about everything we have shared already and all the adventures that await us. We’re starting 2014 with a trip to Hawaii, leaving in just a few weeks!


10. Diving in!


2013 was the year I dove in! Literally, I feel like I plunged into my dreams with my whole heart. I gave this year everything I’ve got and more. I have been blown away by the magic that splashed around me as I surrendered to my path.

This photo is from my trip to Mexico where I surprised myself by being the first person to raise my hand saying “Yes, I’ll jump into the cave water!”.  My internal thoughts: “Yes, I’ll be the first to stand up in front of everyone in my bikini and jump into the dark water that I have no idea what temperature it is or what’s on the bottom, but I’ll do it and everyone can watch and decide if they want to do it too!”


Ahhh……2013 has been incredible!

But to be completely honest, I must give you the balanced perspective of this epic year and share some lowlights too.


My Top 10 Lowlights of 2013

1. Ending a contract with a private client. I was deeply saddened to end this relationship as it felt like a break-up.  When I enter working relationships I give it  my whole-heart and when something doesn’t go its full intended run it feels like a miscarriage. It was a lowlight to experience the sudden end of this contract.

2. Making the decision to no longer work privately with clients. Although this was an incredibly empowering decision, that came from the realization that I want to focus more energy on creating big projects for big audiences rather than working one-on-one, it was hard to let this go. I felt like I was disappointing people and risking the loss of their connection.

3. Worrying too much.  We have a joke on my team about how I like to reinvent the wheel. As much fun as it is to create nü innovative projects and birth art, I find I stress and worry about it working out. I wonder how it will all come together and what I need to do to make things happen.

4. Judging myself harshly. I am my own worst critic, anyone who works with me knows this. I have justified this by saying I want things to be great, which is true, but I am realizing the damage this does to my spirit. It hurts my heart when I’m so critical of myself. It was a lowlight to feel the pain in my heart of my own criticism.

5. Complaining.  I do believe complaining has its place to help us clarify what we like and what we don’t like. I also know within myself when I’ve crossed the line of clarity and when I am stuck in the mud of complaining. It was a lowlight to witness myself complain more than I’d like to.

6. Holding a grudge. As much as I’ve tried I still hold a grudge about something that happened in my past. I keep thinking I’m over it but then it pops up again. It was a lowlight to watch myself spin in the grips of this grudge yet again!

7. Being late. I typically pride myself on being very professional, organized and on-time. A lowlight this year was not being able to live up to my own standards. I was late with a number of emails and meetings.

8. Letting Twitter go. With so many different social media tools and tactics I was starting to feel overwhelmed by it all. I realized I didn’t really enjoy twitter and so I let it go. This was a powerful decision for me as it freed me up, but the lowlight was wondering if I’d made a mistake by letting go of something that has the potential to reach more people.

9. Wasting.  I wasted way too much energy on worrying. Our energy is such a precious resource, it was a lowlight to enable myself to waste so much.

10. The death of my cat Aslan. This was my deepest sadness and lowlight of 2013. Aslan was my best friend for close to 20 years.  He journeyed with me through all the highs and lows of my business creation. I still cry when I think about his powerful, wise presence and his unconditional love. I’m so grateful I can visit his grave during my daily hikes. He was the most precious gift and it breaks my heart that I can no longer pet him.



All in all it has been a fantastic year, the highs and the lows, the light and the dark, I love it all!

Thank you for being part of this incredible year!



I’m over-the-moon excited to begin 2014 with the nü Icon program and make this year even more powerful, creative, soul-nourishing and rich with love!


Join me in 2014 and let’s make it our best year ever together!
The 2014 nü Icon year-long program officially begins on January 1st.

Claim your Iconic Spot today!


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30 Responses to “My Top 10 Highlights and Lowlights of 2013”

  1. Comment by Kevin Thom

    Thank you for this beautiful sharing of your magnificent year. It is a stunning reminder of why I love you: your bravery, your talent, your creativity and your beauty are an inspiration to everyone who is lucky enough to encounter you! I look forward to the continuation of our journey together!

  2. Comment by Jaclyn Ouillette

    Thank you for your sharing…I am also reflecting on this past year and dreaming the year to come. Thank you Laura for your continuous inspiration! And cheers to another wonderful year!

  3. Comment by Lisa

    Thank you for this beautiful year in pictures and mental images. I always review my year, too, but I’ve never done it with pictures. Nice idea.

    I am always inspired by your work, and mostly by the complete commitment you have to being your true self, bravely and uniquely.

    I often worry that I am too much, and feel a pestering guilt/shame about being the fullness of my very energetic, prolifically creative self. I make it a point to surround myself with creative powerhouse women like you to remember that I DO fit in, just not with everyone.

  4. Comment by Eva

    dearest Laura,

    your inspirational presence (from my perspective) is an incredible pillar of integrity, authenticity, and true soul-power. I always!! open your emails when they arrive because your beingness, creations, and ideas are always of the highest quality and heartfelt clarity. you influence me from afar and I am so thankful for your courage to be yourself and dance with your voice even if it extends the boundaries of what is “normal” and taught as possible. many magical blessings to you & Kevin & your collaborative vision and loving prayers to lovely Alsan – may he feel happy in his heavenly Narnia new residence and may you feel comfort in your connection together near and far. thank you Laura for all you do and for inspiring me and so many ladies (& gentlemen) in the world with your passion & honesty.

    Celestial Hugs!
    – a SiStar unicorn 🙂

  5. Comment by Eva

    *Aslan <3

  6. Comment by Nina

    So lovely and inspiring to hear about your highs, and definately also the lows. We are all humans no matter what we achieve and that’s the really cool thing about exploring limits and reach beyond them. Wish you an amazing 2014!

  7. Comment by Carly Ketzirah

    Lovely successes and love that you have the courage to share the lowlights, too. Looking forward to this year of exploring in the nu icon program.

  8. Comment by Wendy Krueger

    It is amazing to see everything you have created over the last year and since I met you at Ali’s Shine event several years ago. I look forward to seeing what you create in 2014.

    Sorry to hear about Aslan. Such a beautiful cat. They do let us know they are with us on the other side and watching over us. I still get messages from my cat Max who passed away several years ago.

  9. Comment by Shakaya Leone

    This is EXQUISITE!

    Thank you for sharing your magnificent Highs and Lows of 2013 with us.

    I’ve been reflecting on mine too but to share so publicly…how brave and beautiful and rare you are Laura.

    CONGRATULATIONS to you and Kevin on all your iconic discoveries and accomplishments this year.

    And here’s to the enchanting mystery of what is to unfold in 2014!

    with beauty and love,

  10. Comment by Joan Marie

    OH THANK YOU for sharing all of this! The Number ONE highlight of this year was discovering YOUUUU!!!!! Your FABULOUS Soul Art Certification program has already shifted and raised me to new exciting levels, AND..I can’t WAIT to get started with your Nu Icon program! All that you are offering and GIVING is spreading! and feels like POSITIVE ELECTRIC FIRE! ..My daughter said the highlight of our Holiday time together was my offering her the gift of discovering her intention through the BodyMapping process you have taught us!!! It opened HUGE doors for her!! OHHH THANK YOU , Laura!!!! You are a TRUE LIGHT for us all!!! You are TRULY my HERO!!! …and the mentor that has truly speaks volumes to me!!! GREAT LOVE to you!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  11. Comment by Wenona Morning Star Gardner

    Dear Laura,

    After reading your 10 highlights and lowlights of 2013, I came to realize how much of my major transformations this year was with you and your creative and ambitious programs. From the nü Icon movie, nü Icon Contest, and International Soul Art day I have tapped into an amazing well of inner light and fire that has ignited my heart and soul. I found new direction and made a commitment to my one true dream to start being a Professional Artist in 2014! I have received a counselor through Department of Vocational Rehabilitation that helps disabled people like myself realize their self employment dreams and aspirations! I am no longer going to let having disabilities block me. I declare now I have God given creative gifts that was meant to be shared with the world!

    White Turtle Rainbow
    Wenona Morning Star Gardner

  12. Comment by megan

    Aslan was so beautiful

  13. Comment by Elsie

    Thank you for sharing the highs and lows of this very creative year with us, just as you shared it with us when it was happening. Holding you to the light in your Asian’s passing! The spirit of this marvelous companion is still with you.
    Worry is really a drain and we all experience it. This is especially true when we work with others and on big projects and we desire the project to be worthily of the others we creat with. A help to me has been the realization that one cannot truly solve problems that are in the future. We can plan, but “being in the moment” the NOW, is the only time we can create and problem solve in. I have been visualizing a phrase, sort of a mantra that I speak then watch it float off into that time yet to come, keeping faith that it will await me there… is the phrase “I’ll know what to do when I get there,” this releases me and my creative energy to be more fully used in the present moment. Have a monumental 2014….you will know what to do when you get there. Plan….then as you approach the time to use the plans, release them gently so you can create in that moment, fully.

  14. Comment by Anne Perry

    I love this, Laura.

    Your highlights are inspiring… thank you for showing what is possible when it comes to inventing a divine life and business. I’m honored Business Heroine Magazine made the list, and your lifestyle up-level highlight inspires me in my own journey to take care of myself in a much more empowering & intentional way.

    And thank you so much for sharing your lowlights too. Since we met I’ve always been inspired by how you create with ease, grace, and magic. And, of course, you are human too. The sharing of your humanity is so validating.

    Thank you for being the one and only you!

    Big love!!

  15. Comment by Julie Nantel

    Some of your highlights were parts of my hightlights, like the nü icons movie, the international soul art day. Because of you, I got to meet magnificent women and your man too!
    Some of your lowlights points were mine too. In 2014, I am Loving myself more. I am loving myself wholeheartedly. I don’t want to loose myself. So I am loving myself as my best friend, beloved companion, creative partner, muse and inspiration breathing my Loving Spirit in all that I am, do , create and enjoy.
    Endless Love and prosperity to you in 2014 (that includes all of you who are reading, I love you all.)

  16. Comment by Siennaflower

    Thank you for this sharing, Laura. I notice how most of the highlights are the things “out there”, and the lowlights are the things “in here”–the old programs still running that we want to change. Thank you for sharing both. It helps me, and I think all of us, to be more honest, more rounded, more whole. I know you even more deeply by your challenges as a human being than by your successes. The sharing of one doesn’t negate or make void the other. It just gives a truer picture. Thank you for your integrity and your willingness to be open and transparent. This is true strength.

  17. Comment by Dejana

    This has moved me deeply, thank you so much for sharing. I am going through a lowlight now, and it’s very inspiring to read that it all pass, and that there are many highlights in front of me in 2014. Lots of love to you and wishing you even more amazing new year ahead!

  18. Comment by Sunne Bernt

    All I can say thank you for sharing your heart….so beautiful….xxx

  19. Comment by Catherine

    Thank you Laura, truly inspiring!
    What a magical time we live in. I wish you and Kevin, Joy and Creative Fulfilment in 2014.

  20. Comment by renee airya


    I LOVE your share 🙂
    You are so inspiring, beautiful and heartfelt in everything you do.
    One of my highlights this year was us connecting in person three times- all in creative and empowering environments-
    First of all on Necker Island with the other women in my 10Carat Goddess Group – which was the highlight of my year! (along with coming out as a public speaker 🙂 Secondly, at your home for the filming of Nu Icon The Movie and thirdly, at dear sister Christina’s event where we got to see you in all of your glory in that daring white feather dress!
    What I love about this (among many things:) is that we both knew way before we met in person, that we were destined to do some kind of creative project together! This is such a reminder to me of the power of insight and intuition, an the following of that magical energy.

    Congratulations and again, thank you for sharing!!!

    Renee Airya

  21. Comment by Candace

    Thanks for sharing about the highs & lows of your 2013. So sorry for the loss of Asian; my cat Xander is definitely my best friend & I can’t imagine my life without him. I’ve let some social media go this year as well, and changed how I interact with others so it doesn’t take so much of my time, so that I can focus on the social media that I really enjoy. I think making the decisions of what needs to be let go is just as if not more important in business (and life) as the things we decide to keep or bring in 🙂 Here’s to a great 2014 for everyone!

  22. Comment by Honour

    I am so sad over your loss of your beautiful boy Aslan. When did he leave this world Laura? I loved seeing him taking part, ‘helping’ you with your art and workshops.
    You gave him a such a wonderful home, and he’ll always be there in your heart as a precious part of your life, and always nearby in spirit, I’m sure.
    Much love to you, and wishing you an amazing 2014.

  23. Comment by Cintra

    Thank you Laura for sharing also your lows, am crying in gratitude, recognizing myself in the worrying and the self criticism and letting the past still grab a hold of me.

    And thank you Kevin for being there responding and showing your deep and true love for Laura and reminding her of the most important: Love! It inspires me that this is possible and that I can create and attract this energy in my own life. <3

    Thank you Laura and Kevin for being part of my year 2013 and I am looking forward to journey together in 2014 🙂

  24. Comment by Joan Marie

    SOOO HAPPY for you and Kevin going to Hawaii!!! 2 BEAUTIFUL CREATIVES, creating and enjoying together is such a blessing for each other, and the world!! Have a ECSTATIC and relaxing experience!!!

  25. Comment by Janice Chong

    Dear Laura, You are Honesty, Sincerity, Creativity and Bigger than Big Love. You make a huge difference in our world leading by example. Wishing you the best always and looking forward to what we all do in 2014!! With love.

  26. Comment by Martine

    Thank you sharing your heart Laura, you continue to inspire me to inspire myself 🙂
    I feel so blessed to have worked with you as a nu icon and fill the budding beauty of life and it’s many possibilities. I can only imagine the extraordinary experiences your next group will delve into. much, much love.

  27. Comment by Marcella Nordbeck

    Laura, Thank you for sharing both your highs and lows. So often others just share their highs and when I struggle with my lows I think there is something wrong with me or my path. You showed me that it’s all part of the tapestry weaving our unique, iconic life. May 2014 bless you with even more creative blessings. XO

  28. Comment by Juli Loupe

    Thank you sooo much for your gifts, Laura, and for inspiring me. Your art of so many mediums is always a stimulating pleasure.

    Sorry for Asian leaving. 🙁 Tho Asian can come back in another cat body if you want. Animal souls can reincarnate with us over and over because they have shorter lifespans. My good friend and yoga master has had the same soul reincarnate 4 times…first as a dog (because her mother did not like cats), then 3 times as a cat…and is still in this 4th body as of today. The personality and even body type/shape is always the same. Find the ideal breeder/home for Asian to come thru, then ask him/guide him as to where to incarnate. Then watch the magic unfold!

  29. Comment by Fleur-Ange Lamothe

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you for sharing your highs and lows.

    So interesting to hear of your becoming a raw chef!

    Sorry that you lost your cat.

    2013 was a good year for me too.

    Love, serenity and joy in 2014,

  30. Comment by Andrea

    Dear Laura,

    Thank you for being so authentic and so generous in your sharing. You are a true gift to so many people. May your spirit be richly blessed in 2014, and may your sail be filled with the great wind of goodness!

    With love,