The Soul Art Mural

Making the Soul Art Mural has been a wild adventure into the depths of creativity and the true power of art!

4 Soul Artists from around the world flew in to Canada to work on this magical creation through the summer of 2014.

All the artists who participated in this mural are part of the Master Shaman Level in the Soul Art Certification program. They have been cultivating and mastering their unique expression to become creative spiritual leaders in their communities.

Now that the mural is complete and each artist has had some time to reflect on their creation, it is inspiring to hear their thoughts about their Soul Art.


The Soul Artists


I am here to share and spread my love, creativity and artistry to inspire others on their journey to unleash their creative dreams, to uncover and release their authentic truth and clarify their soul’s purpose and work of art.

Christina Szegedi, Switzerland,



My path as a Soul Artist is to express the archetypes of the goddess within as self expression, however they desire to flow through and also mirror for other women to inspire and help remember their innate multitudes of facets  of light divine.

Lucinda Rae, California, USA,



I am expansion, I am queen of my world, I am free to feel, be, do, and have all that makes me smile. My goal has always been to fully express vibrant-and-fun passion through my artwork.”

Joan Marie, Missouri, USA,



My Soul Art journey has  exploded my intuitive GIFTS to another level. Intuitive Art is pouring out of me like flood gates that have been opened from an overflowing dam. Soul Art is a vehicle for us to receive the messages of our own divine spirit. It is divine cosmic energy made visible so that we can clearly feel, see and own what our hearts yearn to create on this earth.

Sunne Bernt, Australia,



Creating this Soul Art Mural with these 4 incredible artist has filled my heart with joy.

When it came time to create my own section of the mural I went through a mini-disaster at first (you can read about the disaster here), but it turned out to be a tremendous cleansing experience that opened me to allow the true vision to flow through.

My part in the mural was about expressing the heart of Soul Art.

Soul Art is a journey of discovering who you are on the deepest level and mastering your ability to express it in the world. Soul Art is about unifying your inner and outer worlds into one cohesive expression. Soul Art is about making your imagination real.

Laura Hollick, Creator of Soul Art, Canada,



You can visit the completed mural and experience the transmission of creativity for yourself.

The Soul Art Mural is located at the corner of York St./Crooks St. (near Dundurn Castle), on the outside wall of the De La Sol Yoga Studio, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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 Photos and video of the Soul Art Mural by Kevin Thom.


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9 Responses to “The Soul Art Mural”

  1. Comment by Candy

    My eyes and heart feel happy now!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. Comment by Lynda

    OH my Goddesses….stunning reflections of your soul. <3
    very happy making to see. thank you!

  3. Comment by Helen Allen

    Dear Laura and Soul Artists – I have been watching this unfold and excitedly anticipating the unveiling. Wow!!! What an amazing project from inspiring women!! Thank you for sharing yourselves with the world. Namaste! <3

  4. Comment by Karin

    Stunning Laura! I just get so inspired by your work and what you create. It makes my inner artist want to burst through and join you! 🙂

  5. Comment by Cheryl Huizar

    I love all the work that you and the other shamans have created. It is amazing. Extremely powerful and thank you for all that you do.

  6. Comment by Shell


  7. Comment by Gerald

    Laura, It looks like you put up with the rain, washing some of the evidence with the first painting away.. Only to catch the rainbow of your true vision . Mini-Congrats !
    Sunne Bernt , Your painting is very similar to a vision I use when meditating. Very cool ! Love the dreamlike swirl-ly blues !
    Soul Artists flowing out of the dark into the light.. True soul expression! The video really captures the energy put into making the mural happen collectively.

  8. Comment by Earth Empress

    O these are all visually and viscerally stunning!
    How your hearts and Spirit do SHINE 🙂


  9. Comment by Ina

    So much fun Laura. Beautiful!