I’m going on a Sabbatical!

In the recent months I received a very clear and potent message from within to carve out the space for the next level of vision to come through and allow for some time to restructure the business to support it.

Soul Art Studio has expanded exponentially over the last few years and it is getting ready for another big growth spurt. In fact, we’re in the process of hiring nü team members right now.

While all of this is happening, my artist soul has been luring me on an adventure to ensure the nü creations come from the most magical source possible.



To honor the call I will be going on a sabbatical for the next 4-6 months. This will include traveling, co-creating with other artists and nü Icons around the world, and playing with nü projects that will be released later this year.

I will still be fully present to my nü Icon Program and the Soul Art Certification Program.  Actually, I imagine they will benefit from the extra energy of all my adventures.

I wanted to officially share this with you because you may wonder where I am as I will not be sending my weekly ‘Pure Inspiration’ newsletter until further notice, and I may be quiet on social media for awhile as well.

As an artist, I know there are seasons and cycles to everything.

I’ve been joyfully creating the weekly newsletter for close to 10 years now.  Wow, that’s a lot of inspiration!

In order to birth this next level of vision I’ll be entering the season of the sabbatical to deepen the roots to support broader shoots.

This excites me as I know I’m being called into nü spaces in my art and my business.



I believe our life is our art and I think it is important to learn the rhythm of our own unique expression so we can honor the cycles as they are happening.

I am sending you all my love as I venture into this sabbatical cycle, and I look forward to sharing the next level of vision with you later this year!


Photos of Laura Hollick as Unicorn were taken by Kevin Thom.

30 Responses to “I’m going on a Sabbatical!”

  1. Comment by rich markel

    Have fun enjoy your adventure and most of all love love love…..

  2. Comment by Lynda

    Good for you! Your actions speak volumes to me. Enjoy your “pregnancy” stage. Look forward to your new “birth” in the fall.

  3. Comment by Christina

    Wow, love this! Have am amazing time during your sabatical! I am excited to hear and experience your Nü Creations and next Level of your Iconic Path! ❤️

  4. Comment by Nathalie

    Beloved Laura, Thank you so much for all your inspirational output so far. Have fun on your sabbatical an i wish you wonderful refueling! Love from Germany, Nathalie

  5. Comment by Iris Ztarr

    Have a wonderful time Laura, enjoy your travels and times of quiet contemplation to birth new ideas. Much love.

  6. Comment by Ingrid

    Enjoy your sabatical, Laura. You have been an inspiration in my life, please share your new experiences with us when the time is right. Blessings

  7. Comment by Honour

    Dear Laura, Wishing you an absolutely magical sabbatical! Lots of love to you on your journey.

  8. Comment by Lisa Berkovitz

    Wonderful news, Laura! My own sabbatical was the best thing I ever did for my business. Enjoy every moment, and I am looking forward to seeing all the beauty that births from it! xx

  9. Comment by Karen

    Dear Laura, this just sounds so perfect and I feel as if I am also on one of sorts… look forward to seeing what comes out of the other side and wishing you so much magic in this new wide open space xox

  10. Comment by Stede Barber

    Bless you in this deep season of renewal and exploration…my heart hears your “call of the wild” and honors you for following the call!

  11. Comment by Suzanne

    Bless you Laura, all the very best for 2015, as the leader that you are!
    God bless,

  12. Comment by Meherbani

    Wahe Guru

  13. Comment by Kevin

    This is a well-earned space for growth!

  14. Comment by nathalie alvarez

    blessings dear Laura.

  15. Comment by Jaclyn

    Thank you for your continuous inspirations…Enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful, magic filled adventure!

  16. Comment by Mayra

    Sending all my love from Southern California. Laura please know that if your adventures every call you to Los Angeles, you have a home here! Always a delight to sit under your wisdom and light. Forever grateful!

  17. Comment by Kimberly

    May all the energy, inspiration, insight, and creativity within you and without, fill you while being on sabbatical. You and your creative essence never ceases to amaze me! Your work and photography blow my mind ever wider in understanding your living your art concept.
    Many blessings to you on your next journey. I’ll miss your blog and look forward to your return. Namaste.

  18. Comment by Cathy White

    Blessings on your exciting sabbatical! Thank you for being the wonderful creative person that you are!

  19. Comment by Alison

    Wishing you many magical adventures as you birth the next evolution of you! Many blessings of love, ease and joy within your journey into expansion.

  20. Comment by Helene

    Belle année de création, en avril venez avec nous dans le Désert… expansion abondance à votre futur… Hélène

  21. Comment by Shell

    I will miss your Sunday newsletter. Adventure and Art wait for you and you must heed the call. Have a wonderful time away.

  22. Comment by debi

    I always knew it was Sunday because the newsletter arrived. Enjoy, grow,and energize.

  23. Comment by Judith Fine-Sarchielli

    I Will miss your newsletter and am inspired by your ongoing renewal. If you ever need an editor for a book or anything else, I have excellent testimonials.
    Blessings always,

  24. Comment by Star

    Perfect truth.

  25. Comment by Kimberly

    I am so excited for your magical adventure-
    Have a mind opening, soul invigorating few months and I will be thinking of you! Much Love,

  26. Comment by eyesintime

    wow…hit the ground running! You’re going to be amazed and so will the hearts you touch! Keep on.

  27. Comment by Juli Loupe

    Go Laura Go! Cheering you on. You’re doing it for many. So grateful for your bold Goddess spirit. Much love and a hug.

  28. Comment by Kim Ho Leung

    Dear Laura,

    We see for you more magic, more nü treasures, more exquisite beauty and more beyond all this…
    All ends are new beginnings…

    It’s so great and courageous you’re honoring this call.

    Love from all of us.
    Fleur, Uma, Taro, Faye, Mei Li & Kim Ho

  29. Comment by Anne Perry

    I love it, Laura! You are amazing, and an inspiration. Can’t wait to see what emerges from this spacious magical time! xoxo

  30. Comment by JoAnn

    beautiful Laura. Aho!