Laura’s Sabbatical Update

I’ve been on a sabbatical for a few months now and a lot has happened!

I created a video to give you an update and share details about some exciting projects in the works. Find out where I am and what’s happening…

When I decided to take this sabbatical I had know idea what was going to happen. I just knew I needed to create sacred space to listen for the next level of my art to speak to me. And speak it did!

One juicy piece I can share right away is that my sabbatical is taking me to Kristin Morelli’s Red Tent Revival Event.

Kristin’s Red Tent Revival is a global phenomenon. It is a live event where 1,000’s of women gather virtually, from around the world, to renew, revive and re-invigorate their feminine potency.

I’ll be speaking at Kristin’s Red Tent Live Event about cultivating your potency by creating sacred space for your Iconic Self.

Join us and feel the gush of your feminine energy flowing like a waterfall!


Sign up for Kristin Morelli’s Red Tent Revival today!

It’s free, it’s virtual, it’s global, it will light your soul on fire with inspiration!

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4 Responses to “Laura’s Sabbatical Update”

  1. Comment by Penny


  2. Comment by janie

    Please enroll me in the free Red Tent Revival. Thank you!

  3. Comment by Ashley

    It would be interesting to see Laura do her own version or concept of “The Red Tent”.

  4. Comment by rich markel

    cool stuff to know even for a man…