When I was a little girl…

When I was a little girl I used to fly off into my imagination and dream up magical worlds and adventures.  As I grew up I discovered art and realized I could make my imagination real by creating it. I was hooked! Art became the oxygen for my soul to breathe.

To this day I am still so deeply nourished by the power of art to heal, to transform, and to birth nü realities.

I created International Soul Art Day to celebrate the power of creative expression and the sacred gifts it offers our individual spirit as well as for the world.


This year marks our 4th Annual International Soul Art Day!

Will you be joining us this year?  Sign up for Soul Art Day here.

Each year thousands of creative spirits gather virtually from around the world to connect and create art together for the day.

Over the years I’ve invited small groups of artists to join me live in my studio during International Soul Art Day to channel our creative energy and unleash our latest inspirations.


Here are some images from our Soul Art Day archive. Each year activates new layers of creative expression and creative possibilities. I’m always surprised and dazzled by the brilliance that emerges.

The creative process allows us to tap into our genius mind and open up to our divine potential. Are you ready to tap into your genius mind?  Join us for this year’s International Soul Art Day!


When you sign up for International Soul Art Day you will receive a free guided Soul Art journey on the special day that will lead you through a creative process to awaken your unique expression and activate the next level of your artistry.

You can work in any art medium that inspires you from painting, collage, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, textile, earth art, installation, etc…

You don’t need art experience to do Soul Art. All you need is the desire to connect with your creative spirit.

Sign up for Soul Art Day here.



Soul Art Day is a very special day that only happens once a year. Join us this year on May 27th and celebrate your unique expression, nourish your inner child, honor the power of your creativity, connect with a global community of artists and simply just enjoy yourself!

Sign up for International Soul Art Day today!


May 27th is the big day!

Soul Art Day is a free, virtual event to unleash the power of your creative spirit.

Sign up for Soul Art Day now!

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