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When I was a little girl…

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

When I was a little girl I used to fly off into my imagination and dream up magical worlds and adventures.  As I grew up I discovered art and realized I could make my imagination real by creating it. I was hooked! Art became the oxygen for my soul to breathe.

To this day I am still so deeply nourished by the power of art to heal, to transform, and to birth nü realities.

I created International Soul Art Day to celebrate the power of creative expression and the sacred gifts it offers our individual spirit as well as for the world.


This year marks our 4th Annual International Soul Art Day!

Will you be joining us this year?  Sign up for Soul Art Day here.

Each year thousands of creative spirits gather virtually from around the world to connect and create art together for the day.

Over the years I’ve invited small groups of artists to join me live in my studio during International Soul Art Day to channel our creative energy and unleash our latest inspirations.


Here are some images from our Soul Art Day archive. Each year activates new layers of creative expression and creative possibilities. I’m always surprised and dazzled by the brilliance that emerges.

The creative process allows us to tap into our genius mind and open up to our divine potential. Are you ready to tap into your genius mind?  Join us for this year’s International Soul Art Day!


When you sign up for International Soul Art Day you will receive a free guided Soul Art journey on the special day that will lead you through a creative process to awaken your unique expression and activate the next level of your artistry.

You can work in any art medium that inspires you from painting, collage, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, textile, earth art, installation, etc…

You don’t need art experience to do Soul Art. All you need is the desire to connect with your creative spirit.

Sign up for Soul Art Day here.



Soul Art Day is a very special day that only happens once a year. Join us this year on May 27th and celebrate your unique expression, nourish your inner child, honor the power of your creativity, connect with a global community of artists and simply just enjoy yourself!

Sign up for International Soul Art Day today!


May 27th is the big day!

Soul Art Day is a free, virtual event to unleash the power of your creative spirit.

Sign up for Soul Art Day now!

The Trees of nü York

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

I was in New York last week painting a mural at a place called the NU Hotel.

With a name like NU I knew it was the perfect place to share my art. Especially with this year’s nü Icon Movie about to be released in October.

Most people think of New York as a busy cityscape, but it was actually the groundedness of the city and the incredible trees that inspired this creation.

Watch the mural unfold and hear the full story behind this creation…

The mural evolved into a piece called ‘The Trees of nü York’.

I love the creative process. To me, it feels like entering a deep conversation with the divine and opening spaces within that I wasn’t aware of before.  Creating ‘The Trees of nü York’ opened me to a nü level of grounding and understanding about where true support really comes from.

There is often a stereotype that artists and creative people are ungrounded, flighty, up-in-the-clouds,  but I find the opposite to be true.

In order to channel and create so much art, it is essential to be very grounded, at least this is my experience. This mural deepened this awareness for me and opened space for even more creation to flow through me.

Here are some sketches of the ideas unfolding for The Trees of nü York.


Sketches are a great way to work out ideas, but when I’m actually painting things take on a life of their own and can change a lot from what I initially envisioned.

Initially I thought I would paint a red bird perched over the Fire alarm to blend the red color. But, as I started painting it evolved into a flying red Fire Bird.

Art is alive and evolves in the moment. Sketches are simply a way to activate the energy and offer an entry point into the creative process.

Now that the mural is complete I want to fly back to New York and sleep in the room and dream.


It feels so magical to sit in the chair beneath the tree. It feels like magical story time.


So fun to sit in bed and journal about dreams and be carried off by the Fire Bird into the Land of the ImagiNation.

Stay in this room during your next New York trip.

NU Hotel
85 Smith Street,
Brooklyn, New York

I’d love to hear about your experience of The Trees of nü York!


Photos and video of Laura Hollick's art and creative process by Kevin Thom.

When Disaster Strikes

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

What do you do when disaster strikes?

I recently experienced a complete creative disaster and I’m still processing it.

In retrospect it always makes sense, but while you’re in the clutches of chaos it can storm over the greatest intentions.

Watch and see my creative disaster….

While I’m processing creative disasters, like this one,  I enjoy having a good laugh and a good cry, in which ever order comes first.  Anything that allows the energy to flow through feels good. Any resistance only prolongs the pain and frustration.

For now, I am beginning to receive the insights of this cleansing storm and am eager to get back to work on the painting.

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing the completed mural with you when it happens. Or should I say when the universe wants it to happen!

I’d love to hear what you do when disaster strikes in your life.

Share your thoughts in the comments on how you BE with your moments of chaos.

Making a Rainbow Feathered Canoe

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

I had a vision of a Rainbow Feathered Canoe flying through the air and carrying me on a Shamanic journey into the land of the ImagiNation.

Once the vision landed I knew I needed to make it reality. The first thing I needed to do to start bringing this vision into reality was get a canoe!


Since the vision came during the chilly winter months it proved to be more challenging than I expected to find a canoe. But finally I found the perfect canoe. I saw it and felt it would be the perfect Shamanic Vessel to carry me into the Land of the ImagiNation.
Kevin Thom helped me get the canoe into my studio and we had some laughs as we realized this canoe was already transporting us into some nü realms.



Once I had the canoe, I primed the surface with white paint and noticed the canvas floor mat had a message for me…

I had been using this canvas floor mat for years and during one of my very first Soul Art workshops, one of my students, Sabrina Armani, wrote the message “Love is here” on the floor mat while she was painting.  It was such a wonderful surprise to rediscover this message and see it pointing at the canoe!



The canoe is ready for feathers!



For over a year I collected rainbow feathers to gather up enough to cover this canoe.  There are thousands of feathers!



Before attaching any feathers I wrote a dream story all over the body of the canoe so it would be ready for its feather adornment. While I was writing the story I felt like the canoe was giving me a navigational map for where it wanted to travel.  So exciting!



Attaching thousands of feathers is a meditation in patience.

I’ve already devoted days to the process and it is almost half done at the moment.



I absolutely love being in my studio bringing visions into reality. I feel like I enter I deep meditative space of channeling when I’m in the creative process.

I do have some creative quirks that help me through the creative process…

I don’t wear any makeup when I’m working and often have a clay mask covering my face. When I’m creating channeled art a lot of energy is being processed through my body and the clay mask helps draw it out.  For the sake of this photo I took the clay mask off, but I imagine I’ll share that too in the future. We’ll see, it makes me feel kind of vulnerable.

For now, I’m over the moon excited to complete this massive project and share the final creation with you.

We’ll be featuring the Rainbow Feather Canoe in the upcoming nü Icon Movie!

Keep watch for the nü Icon Movie to be realized in October 2014.

I shared one of my little quirks, wearing a clay mask while in creative process.  I’d love to know about any little quirks you have that help you through the journey of bringing visions into reality. Is there anything odd, interesting or unique that you do while you’re creating?

Share your thoughts, what creative quirks do you have?

nü Icon Movie Intensive Behind the Scenes

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Rainbow Tribe Connection!


8 nü Icons joined me in my studio July 11-14th for a Movie Intensive. Each nü Icon explored their Iconic Essence in their color vibration as we worked/played on creating more segments of the upcoming nü Icon Movie. Here’s our incredible rainbow of nü Icons:

PinkSummer McStravick

RedAlia Hall

Orange Liz DiAlto

YellowLaura Hames Franklin

GreenJess Johnson

TurquoiseAriel White

Indigo BlueJody England

PurpleCora Flora

I wore white throughout this Intensive and explored its energy as a space creator.

The dragon has been a guiding force for this whole project, so it felt especially magical to find this dragon while filming on location in the forest.


When starting any nü project I always tune in to see if there is any special symbol, animal, spirit guide or mythical creature that wants to be part of the creation. This year the Dragon came forward in so many ways with a strong wind of magic snapping on its tail.



It is one of my deepest pleasures to guide creative spiritual journeys. I feel like I enter the zone of bliss, love and magic!



All of the nü Icons opened effortlessly to their own unique expression and played with all the creative processes as if in a trance.



The creative process has waves of deep silence along with pulses of wildness. We rode it all.



Part of the creative process included making Portals that would become the skeleton of a dragon. A Portal is a type of Dream-catcher that opens a sacred gateway for the next level of expression. Each nü Icon built a Portal to open a door to the next level of their Iconic Essence expression.



At moments I just watched in awe. I am a true believer that we are all creative and have the capacity to activate magic, we just need the sacred space and the belief.

My Intention with the upcoming nü Icon Movie is to guide and inspire thousands of people around the world to connect with their Iconic Essence through this movie experience.



My studio absolutely loves holding space for sacred gatherings. It seems to dance with delight as people gather for a deliberate purpose of circulating love through creative inspiration.



We also experienced healing sessions by Laura Hames Franklin throughout the creative process. It was the perfect compliment to all the intensity of creation.



Ariel White, Turquoise, and I on the magic Star-ship discussing some very important galactic ideas!



Ariel, Turquoise, grounding her beauty as we venture out on location to film outdoors. Nature is such an important part to all the work I do. I feel the true nature of everyone’s Iconic Essence connects with nature in some way. At the root of who we are, we are Nature.



Cora Flora, Purple, taking a moment to nourish on the abundance of the moment.



Friendships ripen through soul recognition. When we see each other through the eyes of our Iconic Essence there is instant connection.
Here’s Laura Hames Franklin, Yellow, and Summer McStravick, Pink, enjoying a soul connection moment.



Nature nourishing the nü Icons, returning them to the knowingness of their essence!



Kevin Thom and I on location.  Kevin is the photographer, videographer behind all the visions I conjure up, including these behind the scenes shots. We’ve created so many projects together, we are truly creative soulmates!

We took a moment to acknowledge each other and our special bond and celebrate the creation of this nü Icon project.



We linked all our individual portals together to create a Rainbow Dragon.


Building a Rainbow Dragon on location is an adventure!



Oh my gosh, we had no idea how it looked as we ran through the tall grasses, but we were a unified Rainbow Dragon on a mission! We sang, laughed and sweat a LOT. We were also happy to take it all off and feel the warm breeze blowing up the hill.  I think we’re all eager to see the movie to know how that turned out!



Back in the studio I interviewed each nü Icon about their journey to discover their Iconic Essence and how it connects with their lifestyle and entrepreneurial career path.

I had many flashbacks to my radio years where I interviewed thousands of creative, spiritual thinkers from around the world. I love interviewing creative people because I’m genuinely curious about them and their unique journey. I also love excavating the gems that shape a persons brilliance.



We truly created magic!  Our nü Icon Movie Intensive opened my eyes and heart to the next level of what is possible in collaborative co-creation.

The nü Icon Movie is an innovative, interactive movie experience that guides you on a Vision Quest to connect with your own Iconic Essence.

Keep watch for the nü Icon Movie to be released in the Fall of 2014! 

Share the magic! We want to inspire thousands of people to connect with their Iconic Essence!

Crystal Skulls and Rainbow Canoe

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Art is a journey into the forgotten realms of the known Self.

My studio is my sacred space to explore and express this sacred journey.  In my studio anything goes, including riding a magic canoe through the kitchen!


I recently acquired a canoe to be used as a journey vessel for some upcoming creative projects.

I’m having an absolute blast playing with this canoe and letting  my crystal skulls navigate the ship.

Check out a behind the scenes video (taken with my cell phone camera) and
meet the 3 Crystal Skulls that have been helping me….

Let’s take a magical creative journey together….

Watch for a special Soul Art Day invitation on May 1st!

Get ready for International Soul Art Day

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

A bit of chaos is part of my creative process. I am completely at peace with that.

I love making a mess in my studio while working on nü projects. Right now it looks like a rainbow exploded in my studio as I’ve stirred up a vortex of energy for the Soul Art Movie production and preparation for International Soul Art Day.

Check out my behind the scenes studio chaos as I get ready for International Soul Art Day…


International Soul Art Day is a sacred day to connect and create with Soul Artists from around the World!


Be sure to mark your calendar for May 14th!

Making a Soul Art Mandala

Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Your dreams require a sacred space to grow and awaken into reality.

Soul Art creates a sacred space to connect with your uniqueness and cultivate the courage to express yourself fully in this world.

As the 2013 Soul Art Certification is about to begin I created a giant Soul Art Mandala to activate this sacred space.

Watch the making of the Soul Art Mandala…

Are you feeling the call to go to the next level in your creative expression, healing, intuition, shamanic medicine and creative contribution to the world?

Honor the call and enter the sacred space of Soul Art and awaken your dreams into reality!

The 2013 Soul Art Certification begins in July!

Early Bird Savings ends July 1st!

Register today!


Birth the nü you

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

As the nü year is fast approaching I feel a mixture of emotions. I feel an urgency to create nü visions along with a deep need for rest.

I’ve discovered these are the perfect conditions for birthing nü projects and setting nü ideas in motion.

Soul Art Studio is going through a huge re-branding, re-organizing and re-birthing process right now. It feels like giving birth to an exquisite Bird Dragon.

‘Birthing’ Laura Hollick birthing nü visions. Photo by Kevin Thom.

Are you feeling the desire to birth nü ideas or re-birth an aspect of yourself?

To support you in your own birthing process all the journeys in the Soul Art Store are 33% off until December 31st.

Soul Art Store

Now is the time to birth your dreams and create your life as the expression of who you are born to be.

Start your Soul Art Journey today!

Soul Art Store

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Creating Global Art

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Thousands of people participated in the Global Vision Quest to be get a vision of their Iconic Essence and be inspired by what is possible in the nü paradigm.

Hundreds sent in their Iconic Essence description. The energy of all these nü Icons became the foundation for a Global Art piece.

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=584 height=329 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

The Global Vision Quest has been a spectacular event and experience. I am so honored to be co-creating the nü paradigm with you.

Continue your Iconic journey!

Join me on the 11 Day Iconic Embodiment Journey to become a fully embodied nü Icon!

There is a nü Tribe of people who are living their Iconic Essence and thriving.
Join the nü Tribe and be a nü Icon.

It’s your time to be Iconic!