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When I was a little girl…

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

When I was a little girl I used to fly off into my imagination and dream up magical worlds and adventures.  As I grew up I discovered art and realized I could make my imagination real by creating it. I was hooked! Art became the oxygen for my soul to breathe.

To this day I am still so deeply nourished by the power of art to heal, to transform, and to birth nü realities.

I created International Soul Art Day to celebrate the power of creative expression and the sacred gifts it offers our individual spirit as well as for the world.


This year marks our 4th Annual International Soul Art Day!

Will you be joining us this year?  Sign up for Soul Art Day here.

Each year thousands of creative spirits gather virtually from around the world to connect and create art together for the day.

Over the years I’ve invited small groups of artists to join me live in my studio during International Soul Art Day to channel our creative energy and unleash our latest inspirations.


Here are some images from our Soul Art Day archive. Each year activates new layers of creative expression and creative possibilities. I’m always surprised and dazzled by the brilliance that emerges.

The creative process allows us to tap into our genius mind and open up to our divine potential. Are you ready to tap into your genius mind?  Join us for this year’s International Soul Art Day!


When you sign up for International Soul Art Day you will receive a free guided Soul Art journey on the special day that will lead you through a creative process to awaken your unique expression and activate the next level of your artistry.

You can work in any art medium that inspires you from painting, collage, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, textile, earth art, installation, etc…

You don’t need art experience to do Soul Art. All you need is the desire to connect with your creative spirit.

Sign up for Soul Art Day here.



Soul Art Day is a very special day that only happens once a year. Join us this year on May 27th and celebrate your unique expression, nourish your inner child, honor the power of your creativity, connect with a global community of artists and simply just enjoy yourself!

Sign up for International Soul Art Day today!


May 27th is the big day!

Soul Art Day is a free, virtual event to unleash the power of your creative spirit.

Sign up for Soul Art Day now!

Top 10 Highlights of 2014 & the 4 Most Potent Lessons

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

2014 was the year that I learned what truly makes me happy. I discovered that connecting with nature, communing with spirit, expressing my creativity and guiding global experiences makes my heart sing with joy!

Here are my Top 10 Highlights of 2014 along with the 4 most potent lessons I learned that changed my life.  I hope this inspires you to reflect on your own year and recognize the things that make you truly happy.

Top 10 Highlights of 2014

1.  Epic Nature!


This year I had the chance to travel to the beaches of Hawaii , the Rainforest of British Columbia and commune with my own hometown nature on a whole new level!

I realized that my love of the Earth is a huge driving force in all the work I do.  To honor this love I was able to donate $1,000 to a number of different Eco-Activist Organizations and Charities.

I am eternally grateful for the many magical moments when I hear the trees, the water, the wind and the rocks call my name.


2. The Trees of NU York


When I discovered there was a Hotel in New York called the NU Hotel, I knew there was a special connection. But when I learned they had Art Rooms it felt like the stars aligned.

I submitted a proposal to create a mural at the NU Hotel to showcase the trees of New York. They loved the idea and so I spent a week in New York painting and meditating amongst the Trees of NU York.



3. TEDx Talk


The first time I heard of TED talks I heard a whisper in my soul saying “You’ll do one.”

This year that vision came to fruition when I shared my TEDx talk called ‘You are the Art’ in my hometown Hamilton, Ontario.  I think I surprised the audience when I started painting myself, literally becoming the art!



4. Cover Girl


I feel so proud when my art, image and ideas are showcased to larger and larger audiences. I truly feel on a mission to circulate love around the planet with creative inspiration. Being featured on two covers this year was a delight!



 5. International Soul Art Day


2014 marked our third annual International Soul Art Day!

This year thousands of people engaged virtually while I was accompanied by 5 Soul Artists in my studio including Amethyst Wyldfyre, Amanda Aitken, Cora Flora, Laura West and Jennifer Lee.

We now have a Soul Art Day Gallery that features hundreds of pieces created by people around the world during International Soul Art Day.



6. Soul Art Mural


4 of my Master Shaman Level Students in the Soul Art Certification program joined me to create a mural on the outside wall of the local Yoga Studio.

It was so inspiring to work intimately with Christina Szegedi, Lucinda Rae, Joan Marie and Sunne Bernt to create this mural.  Each Soul Artist radiated with their unique expression.

Every time I drive by this mural on my way downtown I smile with delight at the magic we created!



 7. Making the nü Icon Movie


The nü Icon Movie is becoming an annual tradition. During the making of this years movie 8 nü Icons flew in from around the world to co-create the power and beauty of the movie.  The Rainbow Dragon truly came to life with Summer McStravick, Alia Hall, Liz DiAlto, Laura Hames Franklin, Jess Johnson, Ariel White, Jody England and Cora Flora.

I’m still smiling from all the incredible discoveries we uncovered through this creative process.


8. nü Icon Intensive


7 of the nü Icons from the 2014 nü Icon Program flew in from all Continents to work on their Iconic Essence expression and career.

We had so much fun! We laughed for days as our hearts filled with the nourishment of true soul connection.

It was extra special to feature these nü Icons in this years movie, including Joan Marie, Fleur Van Til, Jill Soenen, Yoshi Arima, Ute Lambretch, Sunne Bernt and Christina Szegedi.

I will cherish this experience forever. It was a total Soul Family reunion!



9. The nü Icon Movie


Thousands of people participated in this years nü Icon Movie experience to connect with their Iconic Essence.  Dreaming up the movie experience and creating it satisfies my inner child in the most delightful way. Leading the Vision Quest for thousands of people roots me deep in my purpose. I feel my soul harmonize with this type of expression.

I feel so much gratitude for the whole experience and everyone who participated.



10. My Relationship with Kevin Thom


By far the most treasured highlight of 2014 is my relationship with Kevin Thom. Kevin is my partner, my creative soul mate, my best friend and the brilliant photographer and videographer behind all the images you see.  He warms my heart and soothes my spirit in ways I’ve never experienced before. He is the biggest blessing in my life.  My heart bursts with love just thinking about him!



4 Most Potent Lessons

1.  Beauty is an essential nutrient


I learned that when I surround myself with beauty I’m happier, more productive, more grateful and more willing to see the higher perspective of any given situation.

This year I started buying weekly bouquets of roses and other flowers to fill my home, my office and my studio.  I realized that simply seeing them and smelling them changed my mood.

I learned that beauty is an essential nutrient that adds to my joy, my health, my clarity and my purpose.



2. Embrace fear as a partner in growth


I am one of those people who is constantly in a state of transformation and I seem to thrive on the possibility of creating something new and expanding my expression constantly.

As much as I’ve benefited from this quality I’ve also experienced a tremendous amount of stress, overwhelm and fear as a result of always seeking the next level of my expression.

This was the first year I learned that I could embrace fear as a partner rather than resist it and try to change it.  As a result my stress and overwhelm went down and I was able to let fear fuel my dreams rather than stunt them.

To test this discovery I did a photoshoot with a giant python snake.  Since snakes were something that brought up fear for me, I wanted to find out if I could truly embrace fear as a partner in my growth. Success!



3. Music makes me happy!


When I was growing up I was in a band that traveled around the world. It was a highly competitive experience with a lot of rules, judgments, comparisons, and better-than/less-than projections. The whole experience left me completely turned off of music, to the point that I wasn’t involved in music for over a decade.

This was the year that music came back into my life and healed a hole that I didn’t even know was there.

I sang for the nü Icon theme music this year and recorded with a group of nü Icons. I made my very own drum using Elk skin and I’ve been playing it every day since. I also hired a Sound Shaman to come into my studio to perform a private healing sound ceremony for me. It was glorious!

I realized I LOVE music and it has found its way back into my life!



4. If you have a dream, make it real!


I always dreamed of going up in a Hot Air Balloon.  When I was a child they flew over our home and I watched in awe and wonder. Finally this year I thought to myself “What am I waiting for?”

So, I made a childhood dream real simply by deciding to do it.  This was a huge lesson for me, I realized that we all have dreams to inspire us but we also have the power to make them real and it is as simple as deciding to do it!


2014 has been an amazing year!

Thank you for being part of my journey this year.

I look forward to many more creative adventures with you!


Transforming Knowledge into Wisdom

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Knowledge is something that comes from outside of you. Wisdom is something that comes from inside of you.

When you are learning you are gathering knowledge. Then, there is a magical process where that knowledge transforms into wisdom and you own it from the inside out.

Learn how to transform knowledge into wisdom…

Transforming knowledge into wisdom is the journey of embodying what you’ve learned and making it your own.

Here are 4 steps to Transform any Knowledge you’ve gathered into Wisdom.

Step 1: Let it in

When you are gathering knowledge you are in the learning stage. The most powerful thing you can do during this stage is let it in. Allow yourself to listen, receive and absorb what you are learning.

Think of something you are learning right now, are you letting it in?

Step 2: Try it on

As you gather knowledge you need to try it on. Put the knowledge into practice and make it relevant in your life. This stage is about implementing what you are learning.

Where can you put some knowledge into practice?

Step 3: Make it  your own

When you put knowledge into practice you build a solid foundation to stand on. That foundation gives you the freedom to express yourself and add your unique creative flair.

Where can you add your own unique creative flair to something you’ve learned?

Step 4: Embody what you’ve learned

When you embody knowledge you have transformed it into wisdom.  This is the stage where you fully understand what you’ve learned and you have made it your own. You understand it inside and out!

Where in your life have you fully embodied knowledge and transformed it into wisdom?


*I would love to hear about how you have transformed knowledge into wisdom in your life!  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.


The CD Knowledge Dress is a metaphor for embodying knowledge and transforming it into wisdom.

Knowledge Dress

‘Knowledge Dress’ Laura Hollick wearing her CD Dress.
Makeup Sue Upton. Silver top designed by Lissa Hill.
Photo by Kevin Thom.


Want to see the making of the Knowledge Dress?
Check out this behind the scenes video here….


All the Thought Leaders included in the CD Knowledge Dress:

Building a Knowledge Dress

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

I’ve been passionately working away on the Knowledge Dress made of CDs.

While surrounded by a pile of CDs I realized all the great leaders, mentors and coaches featured in the dress have something in common…

they all express their unique creativity!

The Knowledge Dress is my way to celebrate and honor all the creative visionaries who have courageously followed their unique path and inspire us to do the same. The world wants your uniqueness!

If you want to create wild success based on your own unique expression you must discover, develop and express yourself.

I created the 21 Day Creativity Cleanse to guide you to unleash your unique creative expression and wild success!

Creativity Cleanse

Start your 21 Day Creativity Cleanse today!

Here are all the Creative Visionaries, leaders, mentors and celebrities featured in the Knowledge Dress of CDs: