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The Soul Art Mural

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Making the Soul Art Mural has been a wild adventure into the depths of creativity and the true power of art!

4 Soul Artists from around the world flew in to Canada to work on this magical creation through the summer of 2014.

All the artists who participated in this mural are part of the Master Shaman Level in the Soul Art Certification program. They have been cultivating and mastering their unique expression to become creative spiritual leaders in their communities.

Now that the mural is complete and each artist has had some time to reflect on their creation, it is inspiring to hear their thoughts about their Soul Art.


The Soul Artists


I am here to share and spread my love, creativity and artistry to inspire others on their journey to unleash their creative dreams, to uncover and release their authentic truth and clarify their soul’s purpose and work of art.

Christina Szegedi, Switzerland,



My path as a Soul Artist is to express the archetypes of the goddess within as self expression, however they desire to flow through and also mirror for other women to inspire and help remember their innate multitudes of facets  of light divine.

Lucinda Rae, California, USA,



I am expansion, I am queen of my world, I am free to feel, be, do, and have all that makes me smile. My goal has always been to fully express vibrant-and-fun passion through my artwork.”

Joan Marie, Missouri, USA,



My Soul Art journey has  exploded my intuitive GIFTS to another level. Intuitive Art is pouring out of me like flood gates that have been opened from an overflowing dam. Soul Art is a vehicle for us to receive the messages of our own divine spirit. It is divine cosmic energy made visible so that we can clearly feel, see and own what our hearts yearn to create on this earth.

Sunne Bernt, Australia,



Creating this Soul Art Mural with these 4 incredible artist has filled my heart with joy.

When it came time to create my own section of the mural I went through a mini-disaster at first (you can read about the disaster here), but it turned out to be a tremendous cleansing experience that opened me to allow the true vision to flow through.

My part in the mural was about expressing the heart of Soul Art.

Soul Art is a journey of discovering who you are on the deepest level and mastering your ability to express it in the world. Soul Art is about unifying your inner and outer worlds into one cohesive expression. Soul Art is about making your imagination real.

Laura Hollick, Creator of Soul Art, Canada,



You can visit the completed mural and experience the transmission of creativity for yourself.

The Soul Art Mural is located at the corner of York St./Crooks St. (near Dundurn Castle), on the outside wall of the De La Sol Yoga Studio, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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 Photos and video of the Soul Art Mural by Kevin Thom.


Creating the Soul Art Shaman Mural

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

4 of my Shaman Master Level students, in the Soul Art Certification program, have been working with me this summer to create a public mural on the exterior wall of the  De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton, Ontario.

We’ve transformed the whole experience into a giant ritual for embodying the next level of beauty, artistry and higher vibrational frequency.  I can only imagine how the interior of the building is being transformed by all our creative vibrational realignments.


Each Soul Artist  started their section of the mural by using the Bodymapping process. Bodymapping is Level 1 in the Soul Art Certification program, where we trace our bodies to give us a framework for entering the creative process and opening a door to the inner world of our creative genius.

Here’s Christina Szegedi, from Switzerland, creating a dancing bodymap shape to express the full range of her creative expression.



Joan Marie, from Missouri,  anchors her expansive energy with an open arm pose for her bodymap tracing.

What Joan says about her art:

My goal has always been to fully express my vibrant-and-fun passion through my artwork.” – Joan Marie



Lucinda Rae, from California,  brought her mystical magic to the creative process. It felt like the moon was intimately part of her channeled creation. And, or course we managed to paint her part of the mural during the Full Moon!



Creating on the exterior brick wall brought its own set of challenges and opportunities. As Artists we’re always working with what we have to create the visions we imagine.



Sunne Bernt, from Australia, brought her unique brilliance to the mural.

What Sunne says about her Soul Art process:

“There is a powerful portal, a cosmic vortex available to each one of us that is a direct doorway to our original soul and the creative heartbeat of the universe. The message is if we observe our inner landscape and truly SEE with our inner eye we can know the answers to all the questions we have ever asked ourselves. When we keep our inner sight sharp and clear the Vortex that is created opens the way for powerful universal creative energy to surge through into our lives creating magic and miracles on a daily basis.” -Sunne Bernt



Now the final part of the mural is my own section.

I’ve been practicing Soul Art for over a decade and still each journey feels completely fresh and exciting.



As with any Soul Art creation it is a process of channeling the wisdom that wants to flow through at the time.  Right now it is unfolding.


Keep watch for the completed mural to be unveiled this summer!
Share the creative process as it unfolds….



My Shamanic Snake Initiation

Saturday, June 21st, 2014



Dreaming in a field of daisies with an Albino Burmese Python.

You probably wouldn’t guess, by my peaceful demeanor in this image, but I had a near fatal experience with a snake years ago in the Columbian Jungle. It acted as one of my most intense Shamanic Initiations!

I share the full story of my Shamanic Snake Initiation in this audio. Listen here.

I recorded this Snake Story audio for the Soul Art Certification early bird day, which was June 18th. Even though that day has passed I thought you would enjoy hearing the story to activate your own Shamanic Initiation.

I’ve come to love working with snake energy on my path as a Soul Artist and a Soul Art Guide. Snakes have such powerful energy for shedding the old and activating new creative power.


In the Soul Art Certification program you discover the unique energies that support you to realize your fullest expression. Whether you need to shed the skins of what no longer resonates, or activate your creative courage to step into your dreams.

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Making a Soul Art Mandala

Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Your dreams require a sacred space to grow and awaken into reality.

Soul Art creates a sacred space to connect with your uniqueness and cultivate the courage to express yourself fully in this world.

As the 2013 Soul Art Certification is about to begin I created a giant Soul Art Mandala to activate this sacred space.

Watch the making of the Soul Art Mandala…

Are you feeling the call to go to the next level in your creative expression, healing, intuition, shamanic medicine and creative contribution to the world?

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You’re part of my Soul Art Ritual

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013


My studio has officially transformed into a full-blown Soul Art Ritual Installation and you’re in it!

The 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals are activating energy in ways that are beyond my wildest dreams. I’m feeling it and I’ve been receiving all your beautiful messages about how your life is being transformed by them as well. Awesome!

To celebrate and deepen the transformations for everyone I created a Soul Art Ritual Installation with your energy in it.

Watch and see how you’re part of my Soul Art Ritual…


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Summer at Soul Art Studio

Sunday, June 16th, 2013


It’s summer here in Soul Art Studio!

Colors are bursting into bloom and the creativity is gushing!

We are in full swing with the 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals. Over 1,000 people gathered for Ritual #1 and we’re just getting started!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you still can. Our next Ritual is called Chakras. .Discover your power to heal yourself with this powerful ritual.


The 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals are based on the 4 levels in the Soul Art Certification program.

Soul Art Level 1: Bodymapping

Soul Art Level 2: Chakras

Soul Art Level 3: Intuition & Spirit Guides

Master Level: Soul Art Shaman


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Discover the Power of Soul Art

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Hear what the Certified Soul Art® Guides are saying about their Soul Art® experience.

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What is Your True Nature?

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Soul Art studio takes Manhattan. Or Manhattan takes Soul Art studio!
I know you probably know me more as a nature girl, but Soul Art is about connecting with your True Nature and expressing it no matter where you are.

Your True Nature is the core essence of you. It is the part of you that exists no matter what is happening in your life or who is around. At different times in our lives our True Nature is more on the forefront and that is usually when we are the happiest.

Discovering your True Nature and feeling confident about expressing it in all aspects of your life is the foundation for a rich meaningful life. When you are disconnected from your True Nature in any way, there is an unsettled feeling that creates stress, imbalance and spiritual and material lack.

During the upcoming Soul Art Certification program I will be guiding you to connect with your True Nature and express it fully! You will also learn how to guide other people to connect with their True Nature using the Soul Art process.

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Soul Art Certification

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Are you fence-sitting?

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Every time I start a new creative project I turn into a cleaning and organizing nut!
Before beginning the Soul Art Certification program my storage room received a huge cleaning.

I should also add, I have an amazing co-op student named Ailish, who helped with this massive organizational project. (Thanks Ailish!)

In the thick of the organization, I started flipping through my old sketchbooks and journals. I have hundreds of journals filled with ideas, notes, images, insights, plans, and dreams. I noticed something very interesting that I want to share with you…

Every time I was faced with a major decision I would go through a phase of fence-sitting. It would be a time when I wouldn’t really know what to do because my spirit would be pulling me in one direction and my logical mind would be pulling me in another direction.

Now that I’ve gone through this enough times I understand that if you want to lead a spirit inspired life, you will need to make decisions in a different way than most of society.

To make a decision with Spirit Leadership there are 3 things you’ll need:

1. The ability to tune in and listen to your spirit.
2. The ability to accept that what inspires you won’t always make logical or rational sense.
3. The ability to take action on what inspires you.

If you can practice these 3 things you’ll be leaping off that fence!

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Sunday, March 27th, 2011

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