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Follow your heart and make money

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Do you want to learn how to follow your heart & make money?
During a recent free teleclass I shared the 3 steps I took to make money by following my heart and how you can do the same to increase your income immediately.

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The journey of following your heart & making money can feel like an exotic adventure luring you to some unknown land.
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The idea of following my heart & making money felt like a foreign concept years ago…

I was working as a letter carrier and truck driver for Canada Post and deeply unhappy about it. Can you picture a creative spirit like me driving a truck and delivering the mail (not a pretty site)!

My dream of being a thriving artist felt like a far away land that only visited me in my imagination. I guarded that dream with all my might because it was the only thing keeping me connected to my true purpose.

I knew I was born to create beautiful visions and share inspirational messages with others, but I didn’t know how to make money doing it. So I had a job to pay the bills.

When I wasn’t exhausted from walking and driving all day I would squeeze in a few hours in my studio. I never felt like I had enough time to really get into anything, because as soon as things started to flow I’d have to rush off to work.

Everyone told me I had a great job with benefits, a pension, and a powerful union. This might shock you, but I didn’t care. The only thing that really truly mattered to me was knowing I was living my purpose, and sadly I knew I wasn’t.

I felt like money was keeping me from following my heart….

I knew I needed money to pay the bills. But everything I needed to do to make the money was keeping me from doing the very thing I wanted to do.  I was so frustrated!

I wished there was a way that I could follow my heart & make money….

After years of working at jobs that had nothing to do with my dreams and passions I decided I’d had enough! I quit my job and set out to solve the money mystery.

Now years later I am on my way to making 6 Figures, (6 figures is over a $100,000).
Here is a picture of me in my current studio….

Soul Artist Laura Hollick in her soul art studio following her heart.

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