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What is Your True Nature?

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Soul Art studio takes Manhattan. Or Manhattan takes Soul Art studio!
I know you probably know me more as a nature girl, but Soul Art is about connecting with your True Nature and expressing it no matter where you are.

Your True Nature is the core essence of you. It is the part of you that exists no matter what is happening in your life or who is around. At different times in our lives our True Nature is more on the forefront and that is usually when we are the happiest.

Discovering your True Nature and feeling confident about expressing it in all aspects of your life is the foundation for a rich meaningful life. When you are disconnected from your True Nature in any way, there is an unsettled feeling that creates stress, imbalance and spiritual and material lack.

During the upcoming Soul Art Certification program I will be guiding you to connect with your True Nature and express it fully! You will also learn how to guide other people to connect with their True Nature using the Soul Art process.

You can get all the details for the upcoming
Soul Art Certification program here
Soul Art Certification

The Soul Art Certification program begins July 22nd.
Become a Certified Soul Art Guide this summer!

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