Clarify your path!

Without VISION there is no direction.

Without direction there is no movement.

Without movement, you’re stuck.

No one wants to be stuck.

Clarify your path with an inspired vision. 

With so much changing on the planet, it can be hard to know what to do, and where to step. It’s easy to go into paralysis, or spin in aimless tasks. But….

Your soul wants to grow and evolve and you’ve got a path and a purpose.

So let’s clarify your inspired vision so you can move in sync with your soul here on Earth!


Join us for this Guided Visualization to inspire your next chapter!

Dream a nü Dream


The past becomes the future if it isn’t healed and transformed.

To awaken a nü dream for your life, and the next chapter for humanity here on Earth, we need to heal the old hurts, and make peace with the past, so we can receive the medicine to map out the best future.

This visualization will release the deep tears for yesteryear so you can liberate your love for tomorrow’s cheer!


Let’s Dream a nü Dream together!

global vision quest

About your guide Laüra Hollick

After walking 10,000 km on a Vision Quest, Laüra clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it!

Laüra is known as a Soul Artist and Visionary Guide. She has an Honors Fine Arts Degree from McMaster University. Laüra founded Soul Art Studio Inc.,  a business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration. She is the creator of the Soul Art® Certification, which trains people around the world to guide transformational journeys with the healing power of art.

Laüra inspires audiences around the world with her art, insights, transformational journeys, and global projects such as International Soul Art® Day, the Yoni Art Project and the nü Icon Movie.

Laüra gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art” and was featured on BRAVO TV in a documentary entitled “The Artist’s Life – Laüra Hollick.”

You’re in good hands with this experienced Visionary Guide!

Your guide Laüra Hollick

Laüra’s inspirational work has been seen in:

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Global Vision Quest

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