11 day iconic embodiment journey with laura hollick

11-Day Iconic Embodiment Journey


Discovering and Embodying your Iconic Essence
is the single most powerful thing you can do for your life and career!


Your Iconic Essence is the part of you that holds the seed of your purpose
and potential. When you tap into your Iconic Essence you clarify your path,
your career, your brand, your marketing, your wealth potential and your
unique contribution to this world.


You may already have a sense of your Iconic Essence but may not be embodying it.


You'll know you are not embodying your Iconic Essence if you feel unclear in any way,
scattered, barely getting by in survival mode, doing things that just aren't working,
feeling overwhelmed, getting caught in comparison thinking or
simply feeling like your life could be so much more!


Join us on this 11 Day Iconic Embodiment Journey to clear and empower
your energy so you can be the full expression of your Iconic Self
in every aspect of your life and career!


The 11 Day Iconic Embodiment Journey is a guided virtual journey.

For 11 days, you will receive a daily email with one
Iconic practice, ritual or ceremony that will make the difference between
living an average life and living an Iconic life.


Do you want an average life or an Iconic life?


To be Iconic you must embody your Iconic Essence.


Give yourself this life-changing opportunity to be your True Self in this world.
Join us on the 11 Day Iconic Embodiment Journey!






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About Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick is your guide for the 11 Day Iconic Embodiment Journey.


She is an award-winning artist, Shaman, Visionary Entrepreneur and CEO of Soul Art Studio Inc., a multi-6 figure business.


After walking 10,000km on a Vision Quest, Laura clarified her purpose and dove into business to embody it. She is the founder and CEO of Soul Art Studio Inc., a business devoted to inspiring people to create their life and business as an expression of their spirit.



you are the art

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